Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mini album project

last nights's crop at my house was a fun...and silly one!!! thanks for your entertainment know who i'm talking about...and i hope your date goes well tonight "double L Michelle"...there's always burger king!! (tee hee) and don't let him see your drawer at least til the 3rd date!! LOL!
this is the project i made last night for a friend of mine from work. he's been accepted and is going off to "fireman college" in brandon, mb next month!! right now, he's a volunteer firefighter with Springfield Fire Dept . back in october (sorry andrew) he came to my son's preschool classroom and gave all the little squirts a "fire safety" lesson! he did a FANTASTIC job ( i think they all want to be firemen now...) and i have been wanting to make something special for him in thanks for doing something so special for tyler's classroom. i have been putting it off, the whole "no time", now that he's leaving, i HAD to get it done or else i'd have guilt forever....i hope he likes his special momento of a fun day and i wish him all the best in his training and future career as a fireman. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ANDREW!!! we'll miss you at "work".... :o)


Hudsonsmom1 said...

Love that little album I'm sure he'll treasure it. Had a lot of fun on Friday thanks for a great night,

Kim said...

thanks michele for taking time to "comment" for me!!! at least i know you appreciate my blogging...let's make everyone feel guilty til they start leaving comments too!!! heehee :o)

.freckled.nest. said...

It worked. I feel guilty. Boohoohoo.
That is such a nice gift Kim!! Very Nice!
I had SO MUCH FUN Friday night!! Doulbe-L-Michelle --HOW'D THE DATE GO!?! Update us!!

AsYouWishGreetings said...

Hey, well boo to me, I am the third to leave a comment....well hey there's still Tiff :P. I had fun on Friday even though everyone else thought I was grumpy. I had a good time, and yes Michelle we need an update!!!!!! :P

Very cute little book Kim, your work is beautiful and inspiring as always.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kimmy!

Love your blog! I expect a new entry EVERY DAY! Hahaha, just kidding! I would love to see some of your Layouts on here, they were all so great!

See you on the 12th!


Nikki Pinter said...

WELLLLL HELLOOOOO KIM, Thank goodness I can FINALLY leave a comment on your blog (since I'm a non blogger person). I'm to scared as to what mine would be about tee hee. This blog of yours is just so fab! Well actually everything you create is FAB! I'm so proud of you Kim in what you have accomplished with your scrappin ideas, and how far you have come along in your business! Soon you'll be pushing Ol' Martha Stewart out the door with having scrappin ideas with on her show, or you'll be on her show displaying them!!! Luv ya chicky! NIKKI

Kim said...

thanks for stopping by Nikki...and i'm actually not much of a Martha fan...i try to stay clear of ex-cons!!! LOL
one of these days you MUST come to a class and make something special for my Sweet P!!!

Anonymous said...

okay so I'm the last one.... It was sooo much fun on friday. We need an update....

Kim thanks for the fun night