Monday, February 26, 2007

catching up

Wow...are you really 5 years old already?? Where has the time gone? We've been so busy here lately...hence the lack of posts, sorry!! Let's see...since my last post i had another fun hall crop. congrats to josie who won the altered chocolate box of scrappin goodies!! courtney had another dance competition on the 17th, not a great day but she won 3 new medals and had lots of fun with her group choreography dance ( music was from Lord of the Dance...i loved it! ) she also had her dance exams last week as well, so there's lots of preparation put into those tests too. found out she did fantastic on her tests! way to go courtney...keep up the excellent hard work and we're very proud of you! AND....yesterday we had tyler's birthday party at the pool and had loads of fun! I was so impressed as courtney and her friend wanted to go into the diving pool to swim and jump off the diving boards and tyler wanted to go along too! i didn't think he'd go for it as he had to swim 2 laps ( 50 m ) for the lifeguard before he could enter the diving pool. but the little turkey did it. he wore a lifejacket as he couldn't do it without it, i'm sure, but he still swam his laps! i took more pictures to share with you but i was having trouble today posting any pictures...but at least i got this one in for you! ( dang, the one of him on the diving board wouldn't come up for me, oh well. you'll see it in my albums! )
so, that's been our excitement for the last couple weeks. i was a "helper" at tyler's preschool today as well so he had a fun day there too. he received a gift from his teacher and i brought cupcakes to have with snack for all the kids. we are having company tonight for MORE birthday cake and MORE old are kids before they ever realize how very spoiled they are??? fun stuff! i have emailed my march calendar of classes out the other day ( finally, sorry it's taken so long ) but if you haven't received your calendar please email me so i can send it out to you!! better's coming!


.freckled.nest. said...

LOL-"Little Turkey" is the best!!! Good to hear all your good news Kim :) Thanks for sharing :)

Kim said...

LA...that's sooo funny that i just checked my post for comments RIGHT AFTER i was looking and commenting on yours!!!hahhahhaha!! i guess we were thinking of each other!!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!

I had a great time on Friday Kimmy! See you soon!


debbie said...

Happy late birthday Tyler. Thanks for cluing me in on how to post comments. Some times I can be so dense! LOL!