Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Last chance...

last call ladies...for your chance to come out to my Valentine's hall crop this friday night ( feb 16 6pm - midnite ) and be the lucky winner of this altered scrappin' goodie box!!
please email me if you need more info at thegriffs@mts.net I hope to round up a few more happy scrappers yet!
we've been busy at home here making valentines for everyone..the kids' classmates, dance friends, grandparents, nana's and papa's, teachers....if you have kids then you can share my exhaustion! all the little "extra's" never seem to end!! tyler is especially excited for valentine's day, he's been counting down how many more sleeps for about 2 weeks already! he's so sweet! and my courntey is totally bummed out, and tearful at bedtime tonight, that i have to work tomorrow night, on valentine's day. when i was tucking her in to bed she said, " your work should know better then to make you work on valentine's day because you're a mom." ain't that the truth? kids have such a way to make you feel guilty don't they? i think that if all mom's had their way courtney, none of them would work. ( they'd just scrapbook all day when you're at school...wink! )
well, another long night at dance lessons...getting ready for another competition this saturday. it's a big one with 3 judges coming from Scotland, and one of them will also be judging the kids' dance exams next week as well. so, you can imagine the extra "dance stress" in the air right now...and all you dance mom's out there can SURELY sympathize with me right? :o)
i wish i had some cherry cheesecake right now...
g'night all!!!


.freckled.nest. said...

Hi Kim :)
I won't be able to come afterall--wish i could though, i love coming to your crops!! Have a good one! Leigh-Ann

T said...

Hey Kim! Can't wait for Friday! I might have one more person but she's indecisive - is it okay if we register people right up until Friday? Let me know!