Thursday, February 8, 2007

New stuff...Happy day!!!

it was a fun afternoon for me yesterday..i got some new stock delivered, of course only half my order was in stock...HMPH.
some of you had requested more doodlebug rub on letters and some new chipboard letters...LOVE those basic grey chipboard monograms..i will be ordering lots more fun stuff as i'm preparing to stock up my store for the SCRAPAGANZA ( ) on April 14!!!!! anyway, just wanted to share my glee with ya!
i'm going to a hall crop (not mine) tomorrow night to play with some other pals of mine and i'm looking forward to a nice relaxing evening and i'm always hopeful that i actually get some work done!! (heehee) so i hope to have some new work to post over the weekend.
courtney danced 7 dances this afternoon at my church for my grandparents seniors group...they have been bugging our family for a couple years now about "when can we see courtney dance??"...well today was the day! My grandfather (turning 86) grabbed the microphone while i was doing a costume change on courtney and he was "quite emotional" as my mom put it, as he talked about how proud he is of HIS courtney and how hard she works at her dancing and a bunch of other sweet remarks. i love my grandparents to pieces and i'm so blessed to share such amazing love in our family from them. they are definately the solid rock we all stand on together.
today was a very happy day for me. i am very proud of my girl and i feel overwhelmingly happy that my grandparents had such a wonderful afternoon with her. those seniors will be talking for months about this with them...and hey, it sure beats having another afternoon of canasta!!!
big hugs to all you loving grandparents out there...and thankyou God for such a wonderful happy day!


.freckled.nest. said...

Thats so nice that your grandparents got to live it up. Courtney is such a good dancer, they must have been SO impressed!! i love the sailor outfit the most! So cute!!
Nice new goodies Kim!! But the ladies will be Heidi Swapp date stamps, WAHAHA!!
Have a great weekend!!

Kim said...

I will be placing an order with another company next week, and the Heidi Swapp date stamps are with that company!!! Thanks for your kind words as always LA!!

Tara said...

Kim, that is so sweet. What a heartwarming story!

I was so excited by the way, to see new pics on your blog - I check everyday you know!

Way to go Courtney!

AsYouWishGreetings said...

WHAT!?! No date stamps!?!?! :( lol, just jokes! :)

I'm interested in the doddle bug rub ons....gotta tell Tiff.

It's always nice when Grandparents share in their grandchildrens talents. Courtney is a wonderful dancer, you must be a proud mama! :)


Kim said...

okay all you die-hard date stamp wanna-buyers...I sent an order in today INCLUDING those fun date stamps...i won't know until it arrives some time next week if they're in stock or not...i will try to find out sooner for you if i can!!!