Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Project pic's!!!

okay. so here's some pictures for you for some upcoming classes being held in my home. the top pic is a sample of the altered clipboard class on monday, feb 12 ( 6-9pm ) and the other pic's are of the altered zippered CD case album on friday, feb 23 (6pm-midnite). there will be a few different patterned cases to pick from for your album!
if you did not receive my february class newsletter, please email me at
so i can send it happily along to you! there are other fun classes and crops happening this month as well. and don't forget to ask about the
being held in Stonewall, Mb
April 14, 2007
9am to 8pm
...lotsa fun there...ask me for more info!!
so, my courtney lost yet ANOTHER tooth today...that's 4 teeth within 4 weeks...mike told her tonight that she looks like a hockey player!! She's now missing 3 on top and 2 on bottom...ugh. i'm thankful that there's no school class pictures planned right now...(LOL)
well, it's off to bed for me...too many late nights! it's 12:02am and last night was 1:30am (guess who slept in this morning?) don't want another missed half day of school tomorrow because "the dog ate my homework" OR this new one..."my mom slept in...honest teacher!"
g'night all!!!

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Hudsonsmom1 said...

That tooth fairy is going to be broke if this keeps up :)