Sunday, August 16, 2009


ok. ok. ok.
SO i've been on holidays...
the blog's slackin' a little, ok, well like for 2 weeks now...
heeheehee.'s the update!
FIRST of all.
I had the proposal of my lifetime while at the cabin.
my little man TYLER picked a flower from outside and came in and knelt beside my bedside,
and said,
"Mommy, will you marry me?"

it wasn't easy to say no, that i was already married to daddy, but i still love him lots 'n lots, and that one day someone VERY lucky WILL marry him!!
( plus explaining the logistics of it all would be just wrong!!! hahahaha....)
i also want to get this off my chest too.
a week and a half ago was the finale show of mine and courtney's favorite reality show
So You Think You Can Dance, U.S, season 5.
we were pulling for BRANDON right from auditions, he's AMAZING!
anyway, we were totally disappointed when Janine won in the end, Brandon was second.

too bad the show is based on VOTES in the end, and not on true excellence in quality training and performance by judging, otherwise he totally would have won! ( any thoughts???) on to Season 2 for SYTYCD CANADA!!!
back to our holidays..
of course, we spend most of our time at the cabin, as much as we can this summer
we had our good friends, the Malinowski's out with us a couple weekends ago and we all had a blast...this just looked like beach party central when they arrived with their trailer!!
hahahaha....couldn't resist a photo!
bonfires, pinching and smacking...all i'm gonna say...

the kids all had a FABULOUS time trying out a new toy that weekend too.
Good times.

Miss Kelly...



...The Dad...
heehee...and YES...even I did it too, sorry no photos were taken though...

...lots more tubing...
and wiping out!
( courtney and rachel )
...lots more jetskiing...
( tyler says " eat your heart out Edward Cullen" - the windblown hairdo )

for the very first time EVER,
our family has a sunset photo on our lake.
the cabin is on the south shore, so we never get to see the sun set on the lake.
and for all the many, many years that our family has owned this cabin ( which was built by my Grandpa over 60 years ago ) nobody has EVER done anything about taking a sunset picture.
Until there was Kim!
the story:
i put my camera into a ziplock bag inside the camera bag.
tied the camera bag around my neck.
drove out alone on the jetski to the other side of the lake, down in the bay.
turned off the jetski and voila.
did the reverse and came back to shore to show it off!!!
...oh, and some more kneeboarding shots...
Miss Courtney...

...yep, even tyler gave it a go...
two rides around the lake...woohoo buddy!!

the babes.

let's see...
friday the 14th was my mom's birthday!!!
( happy birthday again mom!! )
we spent the evening picking up Grandma and Grandpa and going over to mom's with a cake and had a little visit!! ( and yummy snacks too - thanks mom! )
hope you had a relaxing day!!!
we love you tons!!!

and yesterday ( saturday ) the griffin family through a
retirement party for my MIL out in Woodmore.
it was a surprise and it turned out to be a great day...despite a few little showers!
Congratulations Liz!!!

this is mike's mom and dad, Liz and Ken!

i've just been paged by my hubby that our dinner is ready!
BBQ'd steaks, potatoes and onions...mmmmmmm...
gotta go.
BUT real quick...
remember the last photo in my last post? the one with the Tupperware inspiration for a scrapbooking project?
well, here's the progress so was all about the colors!!
what's been inspiring you lately???
( Bo Bunny Bare Naked chipboard album, 6 x 6 )

cheers everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had lots of fun.
Love all the pics.
Definately agree with Tyler - Look out Edward.
Happy belated Birthday Mama T.
When is the next hall crop?


Anonymous said...

Well good to have you back in blog world. We really missed you. Glad to see you and your family are enjoying this summer eventhough it hasnt been so hot!!!!
Love looking at your pics and how much your family has fun no matter what the activity is.
take care and talk to you soon

Tara said...

LOVE IT! You're back! You're blogging! I love all the pics Kim, you guys have sure had a blast at the cabin! The mini album is fabulous! Is it for anything in particular???

Can't wait for classes to begin again!



Tara said...

P.S. Tyler proposing to you and saying, "eat your heart out, Edward Cullen" is HILARIOUS! That is a scrapbook page for sure!

What a kid!

Anonymous said...

Awsome sunset Kim!
Your kids are going to have lifetime memories at The Lake.
Nice job. you guys are doing it up right.
You're sure an amazing gal! and so is your whole family. Well, maybe not the "gal" part for all of them.
Lori N.

Anonymous said...

Wowzers what a fun time you all are having! Can't wait till you guys are back for a few days so we can get together cause we sure are missing you! Have loads of fun and keep enjoying the water! What a sweetie that little man of your's can be, he sure is gonna break some hearts...Nikki