Thursday, July 30, 2009


( silly, quirky ADORABLE courtney...)
apparently i've been a blog slacker.
i've been home for 4 days and have NOT blogged yet and people are sending me whinning emails about posting!!!! guys are so addicted....i LOOOOVE it!!!
but in all reality, i haven't really done much very exciting to post about. not really.
so here's the basics.
you know i went to the lake again last weekend for 4 days, so that is simply just more beach and jetskiing photos! ( aren't you bored of those yet? )
my "groom-to-be" bro came out with his fiance erith for the weekend too, to they went for a few bike rides and then some swimming, frisbee and good eats with us!

and of course, some jetskiing and tubing...

the weather was actally pretty nice all weekend out there, nice enough during the day to be down at the lake in the water all day...but bringing too many friggin' mosquitoes at night to enjoy any bonfires, so it kept us indoors in the evenings having AGGRAVATION board game competitions!!! woohoo!!!
once packed up and heading home sunday night, it LITERALLY clouded over and rained all the way home!! but my attentive daughter caught the rainbow in her sights, so of course....
( not a great one, but it was a 'pull out of the crazy-sunday-night-traffic-coming-home kinda shot...while getting soaked at the same time...)
so, take it or leave it!!
can i tell you how much i miss edward?
november is too long a wait.
that filming for Eclipse starts this FALL and VICTORIA has been replaced?
she's only like the MAIN bad vampire of the book...her moment of glory...
and she's gone.
( though...i'd take the part...GIGGLE )
I will leave you with this, for now.
this is my newest piece of inspiration for my next scrapbooking project.
my newest $50 Tupperware collection, purchased from the newest and most lovely
Tupperware consultant, Tara.
be back soon with results!


Tara said...

Hee hee, thanks for the plug Kimmy! HAHA!

I love all the colors, it really does get me in the Scrappin' mood - you should come take a look at my Cupboard, haha!

Love all the pics, I have to say out of all the people I know, you are the one person I can say is enjoying summer to it's absolute fullest (and that's quite a feat with this weather)!!!

Oh Edward...

Tara Cullen

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
It's nice to check up on The Griffs every once and a while.
Nope, no vampires for me. i need all my blood!!

lori N.

it's me said...

Always thinking outside the box in your scrappin'!! Love the pink C.!!


p.s. I am almost finished the second book.