Wednesday, August 19, 2009

busy days...

...before i get into the goings-on over the last couple days...
~mark your calendars~
Friday, Sept. 11
Friday, Oct.9
Friday, Nov.20
...all 6pm - midnite
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the following are some pic's from monday - tuesday 'whilst' at the cabin...again!
we were taking lori, alex and kailey out to the lake for a sleepover, but in the end, lori was unable to come....but i took her daughter alex and friend kailey just the same!
alex and kailey are courtney's friends she takes her highland dance lessons with. despite a gloomy, rainy day monday, we made the best of it with lots of fun games in the cabin, a couple quick walks and watching TWILIGHT in the evening with LOTS of junk food!!

...tuesday was predicted to be "isolated showers" all day, which, in fact turned out to be
+26 degress and mostly sunny all day out there!! YAY!!
in the morning however, it was overcast and a little cool, so after breakfast ( pancakes with blueberries and strawberries ) the girls went for a walk, did a "photo shoot" down by the water...and then even braved a quick swim!!
( the water was actually pretty was the chill in the air that was cool )

Charlie's Angels???
( wink )

...oh yes, and I received another proposal from my little man...
( gotta admire his dertermination!! )
Luv you buddy!
...later in the afternoon, i took the kids for a Blue Raspberry dipped soft ice cream cone, then a drive out to Great Woods Park in Bousejour to explore...
( and yes...they all had blue tongues by the time they were done! )

...this park has a pretty cool suspension bridge hanging over Brokenhead River.
they thought it was cool!!!

...the park also has some pretty great trees to climb too...
i think they were just calling out to the kids to come and climb!

...and lest we not forget the importance of annual summer

myself, kailey and tyler were the only brave ones...

...and some swinging fun too...

...the kids were all jumping off them ( and sometimes at ridiculous heights too, some near heart attacks for me...)

...yep...good times!
I hope you enjoyed yourselves girls!!!
...and of course...always keeping a watchful eye out my windows while driving..
about 30 seconds after i took this ( also while driving...heeheehee ) it was gone! a lost photo opportunity...never let anything beautiful pass you by...
capture the moments of your life in time!

...and one last thing...
i can't believe that on this day, one year ago, my family was in Scotland.
this day, one year ago, we were in Edinburgh.
It poured rain ALL DAY!
we sat in wet puddles ALL NIGHT at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and went home to our flat,
Winnipeg's beginning to feel a lot like Scotland.

stay dry everyone!


Tara said...

Yahoooooo for Scrappin' News! It's a darn good thing you're having 2 Hall Crops in October because I can't come to the one on the 9th! We're going to the States that weekend. Anyway I can't wait to hear what you are up to for the Halloween Crop!

I love all the pics and I LOVE how you are getting the most out of this summer! Good for you for taking time off of life and just enjoying it while it lasts! Although some would argue about whether it's actually arrived!

Love all the pics of Courtney with her friends and Tyler proposing to you is just priceless!

Can't wait to scrap all the summer memories with you!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME PHOTOS Kim! Wow, the girls had a great time. Alex couldn't stop talking about it all the way on our little trip we just got back from. She loved your cute cottage and the wonderful friends she has made. Kim you were a dear to entertain the girls so wonderfully. They had a great time. I heard all about your adventures!! Thank you once again for your friendship! you are the best. Tyler, you cutie, you were good to put up with all the girls the other day/ night. Thank you too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS COURTNEY. Remember our celebration in Ireland last year? Have a great day kid!
Bye!! Lori