Thursday, August 20, 2009


...what a TOTALLY relaxing cloudy /rainy day.
i've been playing around on the new keyboard, and it's just KILLING ME
that i CANNOT read a note of music!! i wanna play!!!
( mine and tyler's piano lessons starting in a few weeks will fix that...)
anyway, i'm very proud of myself because i attempted a pretty much all afternoon task of
via the internet piano tutorials
Bella's Lullaby from Twilight!!
teehee, i love it!!
...and what did YOUR mojo inspire you to do today???



Tara said...

Kim! You are hilarious! I would love to hear you play this! I will give you one piece of advice though! Once you get better at playing by ear, it will discourage you to read music later on because it's always easier to just "listen and play". I did it and I regret it! The same thing happened to my Grandpa and he had to re-train himself again.

That's my words of wisdom for the day!

As for inspiration - I have been stocking up on all colors of Cupcake Sprinkles and Sugars lately so last night I organized them all into their own Tupperware (of course!) containers and then Haley and I made Sugar Cookies, using all the different colored sprinkles, of course!

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Wow Kim that is just a awesome thing to do Taylor did a Titanic theme herself! What did I do well work and then watch some "Lost" with Maddy...Nikki