Friday, August 28, 2009

some stuff...

yesterday courtney got her haircut...8 inches off to donate to Cancer Care Wigs for Kids in Manitoba!!
( this is right after the chopoff!!!)
...and this was before...
MUCH easier now to brush out after swimming!!!
...on wednesday, the kids and i made a spontaneous visit out to
for the day!!!
new this year is a bigger, faster FERRIS WHEEL which we rode on a couple times...definitely a favorite!
we are stopped here at the top of Tinkertown world!

..also new this year is an inflatable pillow bouncer...
the kids really liked it!

...gotta check out the Super Slide!

and this was the first time Courtney was given the wheel at driving our Tin Lizzie car, while mom took the back seat!
( thank God for future driving lessons....)

...some new Viper bumper cars added this year too...

...and of course, gotta ride " the train that goes around..."

and GOTTA have a giant pickle at Tinkertown!!!
Mmmmmm...carnie food!!!
...this is my first time uploading any kind of video, so i hope it works!!
i had to turn it off when we were stopped at the top b/c some girl behind us was yelling out to someone and ruined my video!!!
BUT...i know that those of you who appreciate tyler's silliness will LOVE him in this super excited video...



lori said...

awww tinker town used to be a favorite the apple and tilt a whirl
courtney that was such a sweet gesture to donate ur hair big high five to u
please register me for the hall crop
have a great week end

Tara said...

What a fun fun day you guys had! That's awesome! And Courtney, how awesome of you to donate your hair like that! Way to go, girl!


Anonymous said...

that is too funny..... Hudson loved tinkertown when we went there a month ago, such a great place for kids and even us adults too.
Way to go Courtney for donating your hair someone will really appreciate it.
take care

Anonymous said...

Your hair is so beautiful Courtney just like you!! To bad Maddy wasn't working that day then she coulda served you up your snacks! I 'm probably off there soon. Good thing Mother Nature is gonna be nice this week..Nikki