Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Update!!!

FIRST of grandparents' GEESE 'parents-to-be' that have nested right outside their bedroom window, are NOT parents yet! I thought their SEVEN little eggies would have hatched by now, but no goslings yet...I'll keep you posted!
i went away last thursday until late last night to Saskatoon, Sask with Courtney for a dance competition out there!
we traveled with our friends Lori and her lovely daughter Alex in their new hotwheels van ( heehee ) and shared the 9 hour drive there all together!
we had a super fun time with them and look forward to another road trip another time!
( thank you lori for offering your sweet new ride for transportation! )
SO.......of course you're now going to get a photo story of our 'long weekend' Saskatoon Adventures!!!
...the girls thursday we go!

...are we there yet? NOT A CHANCE...but getting there!!!

...finally arrived thursday early evening and after dinner in out hotel room, a fun long swim and waterslides, lori had us all in hysterics with her 'bedtime reading' of Courtney's Jonas Brothers really HAD to be there for this one! ( good times ) and courtney will never look at kevin jonas the same......

...friday was intended to be a fun, relaxing day after the long drive out the day before, so that's exactly what we did...
the girls went for a swim as soon as the pool opened in the morning, then we went out and did a bit of shopping and then decided to take in a movie...we saw 17 Again ( our second time ) and it is just SOOOOO good!! Zac has got it going on!! ( giggle ) we all enjoyed the show and then went on to find my FAVORITE little scrapbooking store in Saskatoon....
Just Scrap It.

they have so many great layout ideas and project samples around to get you all inspired ( and spend more money too ) but Lori and i both loved our stop there!
and then it was on to Montana's for a yummy dinner and back to the hotel for a night of swimming and R & R in the room!

( hmmmm.....a little steamy in this pool room??? )

...saturday was the BIG DAY!
the girls didn't have to dance until 2pm, which is an unusual time compared to 11:30am in Winnipeg, most times! But it was another opportunity to take in a quick swim in the morning and then go out for brunch at Denny's and then lots of time to get ready to go!
( we even slept in until around 9am! )
and then we were off to the dance competition!
( courtney on stage ready to do her first dance of the day! )

...our poor sweaty girls after their highland portion of the competition was over, time to change into jig and hornpipe costumes now...
it was VERY warm in the field house...hope they come up with better cool air ventilation for next years hosting of the Canadian Championships in July....WHEW!

after a fantastic day of hard work and competitive, aggressive competing, courtney and alex did super!! lori and i were feeling pretty anxious as a bunch of dancers from Alberta were competing with the girls from past experience we felt a lot of tension and high calibre of dancing from all the kids, naturally, as it's a competition. but, I think the girls were up for the challenge and really gave it their best...I haven't seen them compete like this before...they WANTED it! it was so awesome to see...( courtney does not usually compete with this kind of "edge" about her, so it was exciting to see her come out of her little shell! )
...and she couldn't have been more proud of herself at the end of the day, and 6 dances later!
Sean Truibhas - 2nd
8 step Hullichan - 1st
Johnny - 1st
Laddie - 3rd
Irish Jig - 1st
Hornpipe - 2nd
Overall trophy winner in her class!!
YAY for you Courtney! Good work kiddo!

AND....Miss Alex also had a fantastic day of dance too!
Sean Truibhas - 5th
8 step Hullichan - 4th
Johnny - 2nd
Laddie- 2nd
Irish Jig - 3rd
Hornpipe - 2nd
...AND she finished 2nd overall in her class!!!

WHEW....what an exciting and nerve-wrecking day!!
we didn't get out of there until was insane to end that late.
so to celebrate, we took the girls out to the Avocado Fresh Mexican Grill for dinner and 'supposed' virgin margaritas! hahahaha!!
our server was really sweet and she brough out the girls a yummy hot brownie
'congratulatory' dessert for a good day of dance!

...and then back to the hotel to close up the pool at the end of the night, watch some SNL, have some snacks and a good nights sleep....

...and of course, one last fun swim before leaving yesterday morning...
"peace. out. " as courtney would say!

...and since i'm a spontaneous photographer while driving...i kept a watchful eye on the sunset coming home last night and found a great photo opp on the side of the highway for the girls!
What a fun, fun trip to sunny Saskatoon!!!


Anonymous said...

WHEW!! I tired from just reading that!!! MAN AWESOME GOING COURNTNEY!!!!!! What an amazing weekend you two had, and what a great way to end it! I'm so jealous of those amazing looking drinks (imight just have to make myself one shortly)!!! I'm so happy it went good for you guys. I thought those eggs would have hatched already cause I'm seeing so many babies around, oh well soon. Nikki XOXOXO

Tara said...

Way to go Courtney! You did awesome!!!

Looks like a fun trip was had by all!

Kim, I meant to tell you in my email to you earlier... we saw the little goslings out for the first time around work today - OMG! They are so cute! There were 26 (!!!!) of them following around Mom and Dad! Maybe it was two Mom`s and two broods, I don`t know, but it was so cute how they all stuck together and waddled around the parking lot! AWWW!

Glad you had fun this weekend and congrats again to Courtney!


Kim said...

Awww....thank you Nikki and Tara!!
Courtney loves to hear praises! hahaha!!
( and yes, all those little goslings are just adorable! )

it's me said...

Way to go Courtney!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow evening. Be sure to bring your loot!!

K & S

Anonymous said...

Nice job Photo-journaling Kim! As always, amazing photos and fairly accurate story too--hee hee. We are glad to have had such a fun experience with you guys!
What a hoot!