Monday, May 25, 2009

where does the time go?

...sorry my friends for being MIA for a while...
i am going to share some ENGAGEMENT photos that i took yesterday of my
brother curt and his fiance erith!
we went to the st.boniface catherdral with some beautiful weather and great light to play in!
their wedding date is in the planning for now...
~ enjoy ~

..thanks for being so playful and photogenic guys!!!
( can't wait to do your wedding now...)
....on saturday, i was set up at lora leigh's ALL DAY crop at rossmere golf and country club...
from 10am until midnite...i was her vendor there and i also actually managed to create two layouts myself throughout the day!
here's a peek! and lori were there in my 'store room' with me, so thanks for keeping me company all day!!!

...and a few of the 'slice girls' were in attendance as well!
scrapbooking is so much better with good friends to play with!!!

...this is THELMA on the right...
she is THE scrapbooking diva in my books.
she has a beautiful vintage style about her work and everyone is always in awe at her creativity.
you can keep up with her lovely creations and heartfelt journaling on her blog at
..i asked her if she'd be interested in creating a 'thelma original' for me with a few photos of
miss courtney when she was only 2 years old...( only intending on one layout with the 3 pics )
is what she came back to me with!!!

...THANK YOU so much again thelma....
i love them and courtney says you are 'awesome at scrapbooking'....she loved them too!!!
...and here's just a couple shots of courtney last weekend at my inlaws having a ride on the kids' mini quad ( on loan from our friends! )

....i will be sending out an email later today with June classes and crop info...
and it looks like i will for sure be having summer crops in july and august too!
...back to work i go....
( gotta finish prepping my business income tax return this week....Grrrrrrr. )
happy monday everyone!


Tara said...

WOW! Those are beautiful layouts Thelma! Such simple layouts that send such a strong message. Lovely!

Kim, LOVE your layouts! How fun! I just love how you and I love the funky style! Um, hello Elsie! Haha, yeah right! Keep dreaming Tara!

Those pics of Curtis & Erith are beautiful! I had forgotten how talented you are at taking pics! I really need to get you to take family pics of us!

Thanks for the post, I had been going through withdrawal and I LOVE when there are scrappy things on there!



Anonymous said...

Awesome layouts all around.
I hope Thelma likes me enough to do that for me.
YAY on summer crops. I am in for all of them.
I love the pictures of Curt and Erith. GOOD JOB. Mind you that is nothing new. You take awesome pictures.
Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Kim, Good driving, Courtney and amazing scrpbooking Thelma and all!
Glad you have updated the blog as it is always fun to read up on the Griffens' life.
Congratulations to Curtis & Erith, -- you two are great together.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Everybodies are just wonderful!! My how I miss scrapbooking so much when I looked at them all. I just can't wait till I am able to go again. I just so adore the pictures of Erith and Curtis! BEAUTIFUL JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like Courtney had a fun afternoon. Those Quads are so much fun. Well have a great night....Nikki

Original Inspirations said...

Thanks for the kudos - those layouts would have been quite completely something different if I had other supplies that were at home! Glad Courtney likes them too.

Hey - go read your e-mail neighbor.

Original Inspirations said...

... and .. meant to say that those are awesome engagement photos!

Anonymous said...

great pics Kim, you are very talented in everything that you do.
See you soon.