Friday, June 26, 2009

airiel's grad...and a new toy!

18 years.
1 month.
16 days.
13 years of K - 12 school
and a high school convocation later...
to my lovely niece who celebrated her high school graduation this morning!

your family is very proud of you and your first major milestone achievement in your life...
finishing two times on the Principal's Honor List...
way to go kiddo!!!

...airiel plans to attend U of W in the faculty of graphic art design and also plans to take ESL courses to travel to Japan next year to teach English!!

...and on another "note" ( no pun intended! )
here's our 'semi new' toy!
tyler and I met OUR piano teacher monday night and will both be starting our piano lessons in september!!
we bought this used keyboard for now to practice on until we decide at a later date how far we plan to go with it....
WAY COOL! for miss courtney, the girl who wants to start guitar lessons in the fall, she is pretty
keen and crazy about the keyboard!!!
I am going to LOVE hearing my kids playing music in our home!!!
...planning on scrapbooking tonight, gotta finish off the kids' teachers gifts for next week!
and mike and i are going to work on finally finishing off the living room renovations with baseboards, ceiling and corner mouldings....AT LAST!!


Anonymous said...

Kimmy!! You are always on the go!! YOU put the rest of us to shame, us lazy butts. You have the greatest ideas and always "JUST DO IT!". that has to be your motto!!
congratulations to Ariel on some amazing achievements--way to go. It is so exciting to be on the cusp of life with all her options open in front of her! And your keener kids will be playing the piano in no time along with their mumma. It makes me feel all invigorated to read your posts. Way to go Griffs! Lori N.

Tara said...

Congratulations Ariel and beautiful pics as always Kim! Had a great time last night!