Thursday, June 4, 2009

Babies are here!!!

...well, all my grandma's Tender Loving Care as she watched over, fed and watered her little goose family who nested right outside their bedroom window has paid off.
on tuesday morning, i received a very excited call from grandma hollering
"the chickies are here kimmy....bring your camera...the babies are hatching! "

it was a beautiful sunny and warm day on tuesday and so it was the 'birthday' of FIVE adorable little peeping fuzzballs!
I spent all day with them as we eagerly watched closeby all the little ones making their way out into this world...the parents were very aware and cautious of us being nearby, but have gotten so used to grandma's voice and tender hospitality that they did not feel threatened at all to warn us away...they are soooo tame!
there were 7 eggs, and only 5 have hatched. they weren't all laid on the same day, so we don't know if the other two will survive and hatch or not at this time. the mama still comes to sit and attend her nest but maybe not enough. we don't want to move them or try to 'mess with nature'.
what will be of the other two eggs, will just have to be.
here's the happy little family!!!

( this is of course with the zoom on my camera...i wasn't THAT close! )

"hello world"

...papa goose at bottom of photo on 'guard dog duty'...
hahahaha...he's not so tough, trust me!

...proud mama...

...this last one was taken yesterday afternoon...
a first family adventure!

....SO CUTE!!!


lori said...

awww kim those were so cute beautiful shots thanks for sharing

take care

Tara said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! OMG!! I love em'! Kim, those pics are awesome! I love watching them follow their parents around - they all seem to stick together, huh!

Hee hee!


Anonymous said...

Just so flipping adorable!!! I just want to cuddle up to those cute babies!!! Your grandparents must be so excited, as well asyou guys... Keep us posted !!! Nikki

Anonymous said...

Kim that is the cutest thing ever. What great pics you got of these adorable little ones. thanks for giving us a sneak peek of these beauties.

it's me said...

I was waiting to see some pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

See you Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's me, Goosie, and yes, my babies are amazing--worth the wait. See the eggs waited for you to get back from saskatoon because we wanted a proper family portrait! And we picked the best photographer around with you Kim! We checked your references.It was all planned. We had checked you out on our flight back from the South and saw your frequent visits to your grandparents--we knew that would be a great spot to have our family--where we could be waited on wing and webbed foot--somewhere where we'd be appreciated as the celebrities that we are.
I will continue to allow you to take celebrity photos of our family...just no posting us in the National Enquirer! Your cheque is in the mail. Yes, you can use us as a referral...
from Goosie and Gander Goose.

Original Inspirations said...

Oh Kim ... what a wonderful experience ... and I love, love, love the photos. How precious is that photo of your grandma with them ... love it.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome. I love them all. I love that even though they are babies they still waddle and it is so cute.
I agree with Goosie, you are the best photographer.


Andrea said...

So sweet! I was going to e-mail and see if they had hatched yet. I was getting a tad nervous since most that I regularly see are already getting so big. I am so happy to hear that the babies have finally arrived! Eric just loves them! Maybe he will follow in Tyler's footsteps! Only time will tell.