Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a week so far!!!

...going to be quick here as there is still sooooo much i need to get done around here,
this week!!!
( are you feeling it too? ) our little girl had her Grade 5 Farewell at school this morning.
( already? )
it was a very nice little ceremony in the gym with prepared speeches by the students, music and slide show presentations.
very nice.
why do they have to grow up so fast?

courtney and BFF Rachel,
going to Grade 6 in a new school together!!!

...i am trying to remember all we've been doing all week, so these following pic's are really in no order...just as I remember!! hahaha...
last saturday was my little Goddaughter's bday party...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS TAYLOR!! i hope you had a fun party...i know your mom sure enjoyed cooling everyone, well, I mean...ME off with a nice bucket of ice water!
( how was your swim in the pool Nikki? )
nikki's niece brought over her hedgehog, Sawyer, and tyler took a real interest and liking to the prickly, tickly little guy!

...oh yes, on monday, I did a family photo shoot for lori and her's just a sneak peek for you lori!!! they all turned out great and I'm very happy with them!!

...and last night was my beautiful niece, airiel's , grade 12 Grad's a few shots before she left for the big parTAY!

...and just a little scrappin somewhere in there too...

...more to come soon!!!!!


Tara said...

Looking good Lori! Woo! Love the pics Kim and Ariel looks beautiful! Man do they ever grow up fast. Shyan had her grade 6 farewell today and then my `lttle` cousin Braedon has his Grade 12 Dinner and Dance tonight! Crazy!

Anyway see you tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Awesome photos Kim!! All the little ducklings are growing up!
Congratulations to your darling Niece Ariel, she looks beautiful for her big event. And Lori's family photos--primo!! Very nice to see your whole family Lori!!
Have a wonderful summer to all Kim's scrappers--we'll see you at one of the summer crops.
Lori N.

Anonymous said...

You know I looked at the blog and swore I left a note. Noticed now that I did not. BAD BAD BAD DANA

I love all of the pictures.

Ariel looks so amazing in the photos.
Courtney and Tyler always look so cute and lovable.
Lori and her family look so happy.

Have a great summer and we will see you soon.