Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Something sweet to share...

last month, my grandparents were excited to discover that outside their living room window in their new senior's apartment ( that they moved into last september ) had
the property that the apartments were built on used to be all fields of tallgrass and lots of water...so this was first home to families of canadian geese!
naturally, building two 3 story apartments and months of construction noise does not change the geeese's migration flight pattern so they have returned to their 'new home' with lots of eager elderly tenants throwing them cracked corn, grains and water dishes off the main floor balconys!
Grandma and Grandpa being main supporters...
( do you think I get it from them? )

keeping in mind of the 'geese history' i have with the kids now, grandma called me last week to tell me that i better bring my camera over because one of the couples had felt comfortable enough and welcomed enough by grandma's hospitality
to make their NEST right outside G & G's bedroom window!!
against the wall, right outside their window!
so in our own excitement the kids and i went over for a visit right after school yesterday to go and have a look!
this very proud mama had been sitting on her nest ALL DAY in the warm sun ( as grandma had observed in her efforts to feed her ) but the gander was on guard close by so grandma was afraid to get to close. ( but of course he had no problems coming to their patio for some fresh water and cracked corn for himself...typical! )

( family photo before all chaos breaks loose!!! )
...i felt bad for the mama sitting in the hot sun all day so i dared to bring the water bowl within her reach with papa so closeby, but i quietly and calmly assured them no harm and placed the water within her reach from her nest so she wouldn't have to get up....
she guzzled like my now 18 year old niece on sunday!!

...and we were granted a quick peek at her proud little bundle of SEVEN warm eggs she keeps such tender loving care over all day...
really, are their hearts any different than a human's?
they love.
they protect.
they care.
it's so beautiful when life comes to the world!!!

...and on mother's day, we went to my moms for a fantastically YUMMY dinner as it was also my niece Airiel's 18th birthday!
She has been living with and being raised by mom since she was 2 years old....so really, she's always been more like my little sista!!!
Happy Birthday Kiddo!!!
We love you tons!!
( oh ya, sour puss from aunty and uncle...there needs to be some tradition on turning 18 )
-and that's her friend Randy's hand helping her along...NOT MINE!!!



Tara said...

Happy Birthday Ariel! Hope you had way too much fun on your birthday!

Kim, those pics were adorable of the eggs!!!! I love it!



Anonymous said...

18 already
Happy Belated Birthday


Anonymous said...

Wow Kim, Can you please stop making me cry!! Maybe I have to turn off the music, that will help a little. Happy Birthday to Ariel! She is a wonderful young lady. What a super celebration! And What a mother's day for everyone Kim, you must have been a momma goose in a previous life. Usually those things will chase you if you get too close. Guess they could tell you were a kindred spirit.
Gotta go get a Kleenex now.

Andrea said...

I'm with Lori. Off to get Kleenex! The goose pics were gorgeous! Happy Belated Birthday, Airiel! Love Ya!

Andrea said...

Trevor said that traffic was at a complete stand-still this morning on his way to work...GOSLINGS, GOSLINGS EVERYWHERE...and Mommys and Daddys!