Sunday, May 3, 2009

today was an emotional overhaul for a bunch of us Highland Dance moms!
I am grateful for my friendships I have made through our now 7 years of dancing with courtney because on competition days, it's sure nice to know that half a room is feeling EXACTLY the same way you are....
grinning, smiling, happy and inside your guts are churning, ready to explode and you're nervous as hell! hahahaha.....that's us!
today was a big championships 'selection meet' competition where the top three dancers from each category are selected to be the annual Manitoba representative to go to the Canadian Championships in July. This year the event is being held in Toronto.
We had decided as a family a few weeks ago and informed our then unhappy dance teacher that IF courtney should win a rep spot this year, that we would not be going to Toronto...she wasn't happy with our decision, and as it must have been in the cards anyway, courtney did not win a rep spot today in the end.
she did place 3rd runner up though in her group, and her good friend Kelsey won 1st runner up so she will be going to toronto as a rep!!
congratualtions kelsey on your acheivement!!!
our girls work so HARD at lessons, practising at home and have been having extra brutal workshops and longer lessons in april in preparation for todays event.
so i want to highly commend courtney, kelsey, alex, kailey and cielle for ALL your efforts and beautiful dancing today!! I felt very proud of each of you watching you all 'go for it' today and to know that you are all a part of our dance family!
Keep up those positive spirits, the terrific dancing and believing in yourselves!!! You are all very talented and should always be proud of where you have come today!!

...warming up...
( L to R )
3rd runner up - courtney
2nd runner up - kim
1st runner up - kelsey
winner - rachel
...just for fun...
kailey, courtney and amanda

( way to go courtney!! we're very proud of you!! )

...courtney and kelsey...

...lynn's premier dancers, ALL WINNERS!!!!
alex, courtney, kailey, lynn, cielle, and kelsey

whew...congratulations girls!
hope you sleep well tonight!
...i'm beat!
it's getting closer to THIS!!
for those of you who KNOW ME well, must KNOW that
( there's little eggies everywhere....just waiting!!! )
( these were all from last spring )



Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, You have captured my emotions exactly. What a beautiful bunch of girls, regardless of the outcome, they are wonderful inside and out!!
Thanks for the photos, they are lovely.

Tara said...

Congratulations Courtney! Not only on your hard work yesterday, but on your hard work all the time! You are a special girl and keep up the good work!

Kim said...

awwww shucks guys....
thank you for being soooo supportive of courtney!!

Anonymous said...

I sorta know the pride you feel for your daughter Kim, I was watching my seven year old God daughter Jana play her violin and I got all teary eyed on Sunday. I was so proud.( There is her Mommy lookin' at me like I'm a basket case.) !!! Oh well Congrats Courtney for a well done season.
Enjoy your summer now!

Andrea said...

I'm so proud of you, Courtney, and I know your Mom is too. You (and your Mom) deserve a little rest now :)

Kimmy, every time we see the geese, we can't help but think of how excited you must be. Me too :)