Wednesday, May 6, 2009

guess who's

gone to CAMP with her school for the very first time?
courtney left with her grade five classmates at 9:30 this morning to camp for 3 days and was really looking forward to it ( i think it's more because she doesn't have to dance for 3 days now!! ) hhahahahaha.....

they were all loaded up and on their way in 2 school buses and i was left watching them go
in a bit of a daze...
can she really be old enough to go to camp...alone without parents...already??

apparently so.

bye girls!!!!
i hope the predicted rotten weather doesn't interfere with all your fun plans!, as you can imagine, the house was pretty quiet tonight.
no bickering.
no fighting.
no whining.
no complaining.
...and yet you'd think this would be a nice change, if only for a few days...
but i miss my girl already.
it's different from staying at a friends or my moms because I can still talk to her on the phone, but THIS time, it's a shut out!!!
and do you think courtney's having any of these issues right now? HA.
i'm such a clinger...


Anonymous said...

You're such a softie Kim.
She's fine, but it will feel like a long week to you. I can come over and bicker if that would make you feel better--ha ha.
Have Fun Courtney!

Tara said...

She`s having a great time Kim! Enjoy your time and look forward to all the stories!
Haha, you ARE a softie|

Anonymous said...

Way to go Courtney. Hope you have fun.
Kim you love all of that that you were complaining about and you know it.