Tuesday, April 28, 2009


it's all over.
my week and a half reading engulfment in the Twilight novel epidemic has come to an end.
i have never been so intrigued and compelled in my life over a fantastic read!
...I have an infatuation addiction with Edward Cullen, kinda scary actually...

...courtney is now almost halfway through the first of the series...that's my girl!!
( also a serious Edward lover too! )
~mike caught us reading together saturday afternoon...i love this!!
...but YES...for those of you who think ALL I HAVE DONE is READ for the last week and a half, life has been going on here...
on the 18th i went to my friend allison's Scrapaganza all day crop in Stonewall with my mom, tara and dana...we had a super fun day and actually got some work done!
of course, i brought my laptop so tara and i could post a big picture of Edward on the screensaver to watch us ( it was a LOOOONG day without any reading for me....)
hahahaha.....good times!

...allison had a TON of fabulous prizes to give away at the crop and she kept skipping by the tables and throwing free tickets into the air and caused several frenzies throughout the day as the crazed scrapbookers dove to the floor to grab some!!
here's my mom in action....and tara is in here somewhere too....hahahahaha!!!!

...on the 19th, it was my sweet grandpa's 88th birthday so we all went over for a visit, tea and cake!! he had a great day!!!
love you grandpa!!!!
this past weekend we did an overnight babysitting favour for our friends through dance...
we took in sweet little Zoey friday to saturday night and courtney was in heaven having her to play with! we enjoyed her furry little company and she can spend the night anytime!

( an acutal moments peace and quiet in the griffin house....)

"where's Zoey"????

....saturday was mike's birthday and we had a PAR-TAY at our house....our first bonfire of the spring / summer season and lots of good food, drinks and friends!!
( sorry i could not post all accusing photos taken....hahahaha....)
lets just say that later into the evening, the game TWISTER was brought outside and a little bit of WWF between linda and I!!!! hahahahaha....
our family also has some very EXCITING news to announce as well...
my baby brother FINALLY got engaged last week!!!! so we will be having a family wedding to look forward to next summer!!! i can't wait to hear all their plans and details....I am sooooo happy for curtis and erith!!!! Congratulations again you two!!!!! WOOHOO!!!
( we are planning to go for some engagement pic's soon now that the weather is looking a bit better....can't wait!! )
curty and erith!!
...and happy birthday to my honey!!! i am positive that he had a very FUN birthday celebration!!

...i suppose that's the family update....
i will be sending out my may newsletter soon for upcoming classes...but here's a tease for you...
i will be having a Monday night Sketches class on monday may 4 from 6:30 -9:30pm-ish...and here's the layouts we will be doing.....keep in mind that you choose your color themes and papers to scrap with!!!
watch for more details in your newsletter coming within a couple days!!!

....are you happy now???
no more obsessive reading for a while....BOO!
happy to be back in the blogging world....i missed you too!


Tara LeClaire aka Tara Cullen said...

HAHA! You're back! Oh, how we missed you Kimmy! I'm glad you enjoyed Twilight so much! It is such an emotional journey! Starting with, when Edward LEAVES for most of New Moon and then everything else - I thought Breaking Dawn was just fabulous and action packed! And didn't you find that they evolved so much as a couple in the last book?


Anyway, glad you're back and glad you finally gave into the peer pressure, HAHA!

I am happy to report that this will be the last Sketches Class I will have to miss on account of Rehearsal!

Scrapaganza was fabulous and so awesome to actually get to Scrapbook WITH you!

Anxiously awaiting that May Newsletter! Hee hee!



Anonymous said...

Phew the withdrawl is over! LOL

Your crop for me last Friday night was just as much fun as ou had at mine! I got 14 pages started, and got re-inpired! Thanks!


Tara said...

PS: That dog is soooooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I am soooo glad to see a new blog. Those books have sure cast their spell on the nation! Love your photos, as always.
I am so happy to see your blog back in action (take that--Edward)!

Anonymous said...

Kim, hello from me! Loved that blog and I cant wait to start reading it (of course after I am done my Diana G series! Oh well from one to another I cant wait for you to start hers and meet the Frasers in Scotland! I'm glad Mike had a blast and you were enjoying yourself alot to on Sat.I want that recipe for banana martinis cause they rocked! Can't wait for a wedding social! TTYL Nikki

Andrea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA & GRANDPA and a great big congratulations to Curt...IT'S ABOUT TIME :)

Missed you for a bit there! Glad you are back!