Tuesday, January 20, 2009

not much...

this past weekend i managed to pinch the nerves in my lower back ( yet again ) and was out of commission ALL DAY on saturday.
in bed.
propped on pillows, heating pads and tylenol.
mike was out of town all day saturday so i felt bad that the kids for the most part had to entertain themselves...courtney made breakfast and lunch for her and tyler....
just look at what my sweet, sweet thoughtful boy did for his mommy!
he was busy in the kitchen making mom lunch
no instrucions, no help from his sister, no requests...
he just went in the kitchen and made an extra special lunch for me out of
because he wanted to 'help take care of mommy'.
* mug of white milk
*one peanut butter sandwich on multigrain
*vegetable crackers
*one grape lollipop ( to make me feel better )
= one proud momma!!
dang, i love this boy.
kiss kiss.

...so all those extra hugs and kisses from the kids must have worked their magic because a good solid days rest and lots of TLC made me feel better....
not back to normal yet, but definitely better!
on sunday, ALL DAY, courtney was suffering with a horrible headache to the point where she was running to the bathroom sick to her stomach 5 times. this is the second time since the fall that she's had a 'horrible headache day' so i am taking her to the doctors this afternoon to have a chat and see what they say...
speaking of courtney, here's her newest layout i've been working on.
these are the peppermint cupcakes we made for our family christmas dinner!
so fun!


Tara said...

AWWW! That kid, I could just eat him up! He is so cute and so thoughtful for such a young age! Wow!

I love the layout, it's beautiful! I've always wanted to do a food related one and told myself to take pics of my cupcakes the next time I make them!

Had a GREAT time at class last night, you are always so inspiring Kimmy!


lori said...

such we children u have
hope courtneys feeling better
love thr layout

thanks for another great class
take care

lori said...

sweet cildren

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Awwww, that's so cute, both of the kids are so good to you.
I didn't get the chance to say last night that I hoped you were feeling better, glad that you are back on your feet. Take care of yourself as well as everybody else Kim! Cute layout! Could be on a cookbook.
Lori N

Tara said...

And where, might I ask, did you get that cute little Chef outfit?? I would LOVE to get that for Haley!

Kim said...

tara, the little "ho ho ho" chef's hat and apron were from Zellers, of all places! It was in with their Christmas decorations and holiday stuff, I would imagine they're probably all gone by now, but maybe you can call and ask?