Wednesday, January 7, 2009

interesting New Year's phone call...

i just had the WORST and at the same time FUNNIEST phone call of 2009!
( btw, this photo of my new breadbox was supposed to be at the end of this post, but i deleted it by accident...ooops! )

okay...onto this phone call...

( LA will appreciate the convo...)

KIM: "hello" ( not recognizing the number on call display )

CALLER: "hello, this is sandy from glen eden memorial gardens. how are you today?"

KIM: "not dying."

CALLER: "oh." ( she almost sounded disappointed...what the??) "i am calling today to see if you have given any thought to future funeral arrangements."

KIM: "i said i'm not dying, so my answer is no, i have not thought about my funeral arrangements yet."

CALLER: "yes, you do sound kind of young." ( what does that have to do with it? ) "well, when the time comes for you to start thinking about your future arrangements, please keep glen eden memorial gardens in mind and my name is sandy. i can help..."

CLICK. ( kim's way of saying "i'm not dying for the third time" )


is it just me or is there something REALLY WRONG with calling ( SOLICITING ) people and discussing death with them SEVEN DAYS INTO A NEW YEAR????

dang, woman.

...on another, much brighter note...

what do you think of my new shiny breadbox?

we are replacing all our small appliances now with stainless, so the wooden breadbox had to go too.

my kitchen ( being turquoise and white now ) is starting to look like a modern Partridge family kitchen!!

hahahaa....but i love it!

...i wonder if they make PINK urns for cremations??


Tara said...

HAHA Kim. Pink Urns??? Only you...

That is quite interesting!

You should put yourself on that "do not call" list!

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

should have told her that you are supposed to die in a week and that her call is great timing- "the rent is up on your apartment and can i come in now 'cause I'll be there soon anyway"

Tara said...

K, whoever just said that is hilarious!

Freckled Nest said...

thats a horrible phone call approach! so weird! thanks for making me giggle :)

Anonymous said...

hI everyone,
It is like that funeral place on Pembina Hwy that has a sign up saying "immediate cremation--$750". i feel like walking in there some day and asking them how immediate they mean!!
Well, times are tough all over, I guess they are needing more funeral business too!!
Yes, you need to tell sandy to put you on their Do Not call list!