Monday, January 5, 2009

Little boys...

...i LOVE having one...
found this on tyler's bedroom door and had me a good laugh!
courtney's been demanding privacy of her room lately so i guess tyler wanted in on the game too!
( i'm glad that i've scored brownie points as 'the mom' to still enter without being shot with a NERF GUN in the butt...)

...i've been feeling a little devious since the new year has arrived, ( and also because i am DROPPING POUNDS! )...thinking of trying out some new exciting adrenaline tyler's note on his door just boosted my mood today!!
maybe i'll try out the race Karts with LA & Keith??
open to suggestions people!

...i've also been painting today...
a project for monday jan.12 class...
stay tuned...
BODY THAT could be fun!!!
( ahem, of course, not for a class though!! )
{ wink }


Tara said...

HAHAHAHA! That is HILARIOUS! Seriously, that kid is priceless Kim!
Now send me that Class Schedule, tap tap tap!

lori said...

hey there thought u skipped town
tylers so cute starting already with no girls allowed lol
whats this about a class on monday didnt get the meno
hope you and your family are recoverd from the holidays
take care lori