Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Layouts for Sketches class requested, i thought i'd show you the layouts for the upcoming sketches class on
monday, january 19
630 - 930pm-ish!
Class is $20 and includes ALL supplies to create sketches IN YOUR OWN COLOR CHOICES!
( bring your own basics = adhesives, paper trimmer, scissors and PHOTOS )
if interested in registering for this class, please email so I can send you the photo size requirements for the layouts!!



...and this is just another spin off of tyler's layout as i had pictures the same for courtney's album too! keep in mind when looking at my sketches that you may go with whatever color themes you'd like to compliment your photo selections!

...and this one, " I know who you are"
was done just because i was on a roll last weekend! i have been meaning to do a layout featuring this very special book of tylers and i found the perfect photo to do it with!, there you have them!
and in case you didn't notice, i have chosen all three layouts for this upcoming sketches class
from the ever talented and inspirational
Elsie Flannigan!
( i usually choose two different artists and then make one of my own layouts, but i was in
the "elsie zone' this weekend for something bright and cheery!
sketches classes also include a small snack, coffee and tea....
I hope you come out to one soon!!
...and who's been inspiring you lately??


Tara said...

Kim! I love em'! Can't wait for class next Monday and see you on Friday at the Hall!

Kim said...

hahaha....tara, do you have a little alram or signal that goes off on your computer as soon as i post?? you're always the first to comment---i love it!! THAT'S dedication people!!

Anonymous said...

I love the layouts.
I will come to one day/night, probably after we move and all that.

See you Friday.

Tara, I will bring your gadget.


Tara said...

Sounds good Dana!