Friday, January 9, 2009

busy week...

i'm sure for most of you this first week
"back to..."
has been as chaotic as the griffin home...
back to work, back to school,
back to dance,
back to swim,
and tyler had his FIRST
lesson on wednesday night!
( my cousin diane is a 3rd degree black belt- which was new info for me too - and has been teaching tae kwon do for a long time now )
tyler has been interested in this type of activity for a while now and let me tell you that at his first lesson, he couldn't get enough!
he didn't want to go after his hour was up and asked if he could stay longer!
he LOVED it and i thought he fit right in!
so exciting for him!!
thank you have created an addict now!!

so awesome!
well, i'm off to rossmere's hall crop shortly so i better finish getting organized!!
my next hall crop for The Scrappin Studio is
JANUARY 16, 2009
at st.saviour's.
6pm - midnite
please email for more info or to register at
...and how was your first week back to reality???


Anonymous said...

Tyler, you are going to love your new sport! And be very good at it.
Kim, life's just gonna get busier...
see you!

Kim said...

awww...thank you lori for the boost of confidence for tyler! ( he giggled when i read your comment to him )

Tara said...

Tyler is going to rock at this! Congratulations on starting a new sport little man!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tyler. I have a cousin who is a black belt as well and she used to compete. Maybe somewhere down the road you will compete.
What a nice mom.
I never got to do the first week thing, so mine was not hectic.