Saturday, July 12, 2008

be back soon!

well, i am off to our little family cabin with courtney and tyler until thursday and we are so excited to go!
the kids have been bugging 'when are we going to the lake' almost everyday since the last day of school, and with our overseas trip next month, we won't have a lot of time to go out there until the fall...soooooo....we are making sure to get out as much as possible before Scotland is on our doorstep!
i am planning to take some scrapbooking goodies out to play with in the evenings while the kids are playing and making their own craft projects i am bringing for them to do....wish me luck on getting something done!
the weather forecast is HOT for the whole week so we should get lots of swimming in and i can hardly wait!!

( trust me, the cabin looks a lot smaller from the outside! )
grandma and grandpa have a moving date of sept.13 for their new apartment!
we are so excited for them, although grandma is still hesitant and anxious about the move, they are so ready for their own home again! this will be like starting over in a new home for them, with lots of new friends to make in their building ( which is almost completely finished constuction now ) and already know a few people going in there too!
it will be so good for them to get back into the swing of things with their friends and all kinds of senior activities that are planned in the building for them all.
who knows? maybe one day courntey can come and dance for them all?
and maybe some of her dance pals may be interested in coming too and put on a little show???
anyway, i just thought i'd give you a little update on their exciting news!
i will be back thursday but if you feel like giving mike a call or email so he's not completely bored with NO WIFE and NO KIDS for 5 days, then you just go ahead!!


Tara said...

Good for you Kim to go out there, relax and get some Scrapbooking done! That's awesome!

Have a great time and we'll chat when you get back!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim!Hope you enjoyed your R and R at the lake--it is looong overdue! And Lynn can't reach you there to get you to research Scotland stuff! LOL.
Hope you got lots of work done as i bet you have a ton to catch up on out there from your Victoria trip.
I am going to try to get a big more caught up before the dance trip. And yes, count Alex in on dancing at the new place for grandma and grandpa. Congratulations.
Bye for now, see you!

Anonymous said...

Cool! A whole 5 days away from the stress of the city . LUCKY DUCKS. I too cant wait to get up to the lake and do some relaxing like you guys. Hope its is just what you needed and have loads of FUN FUN FUN in the SUN SUN SUN! NIKKI

Andrea said...

That is so great for Grandma and Grandpa! AND...your Mom will get her house back! I saw her and Airiel at the Vet office on Wednesday with a big, black pup.