Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the lake

...ok, so the new jetski FLIES like a bullet out of a gun!
we had sooo much fun with it this past weekend at the lake! i have never been out ON the lake like that in all my years growing up at the cabin! when my mom was younger they had a fishing boat at the cabin to use for water skiing and stuff, but my brothers and i never had even a canoe to play on the lake with! so for my first time in almost 37 years, i finally got to ride on the lake!
it was so thrilling to crank the machine into high gear and ride into the wind...yelling all my YaHoo's and WooHoo's at the top of my lungs!!!
of course, mike got dibs on first ride to make sure all was in check and in running order, and that 'high speed' was in check too!!! LOL!

...after my turn on the new toy, the kids got their turn to ride with daddy! courtney got to go first and i could hear her squealing from the shore!

( click on this photo to see courtney's big grin )

these were tyler's words after his first ride!!!
( click to see HIS big smile too! )

...on saturday we tried out tubing with the jetski...
another score with the kids!

..tyler's first ride...

...and courtney's first ride...

( you have to click to make this next one bigger and see courtney's hilarious expression! )

...yep, so glad mike bought us a new toy! we all will have lots of happy memories during the summer at the lake with it for sure!
sorry you didn't get to see any photos of ME on the jetski...you can question mike on why he didn't think to take a couple...i even had the camera right there on the beach for him...i told him he's is big DOG DOO with you now for not taking any pic's of me playing!!
ALSO....we are babysitting ( i say 'baby' and not 'dog' because she loves to be treated like a baby...belly rubs, cuddles, playtime.....
anyway, we are babysitting Maggie for our friends again for almost a couple weeks!
we all love her company and she is such a good pup!!!
...and lookie what my MIL bought for me to take to Scotland!!
a new hand bag / cosmetic bag set...all in the right "color for Kim"!!!
thanks again Liz...i love it!!!
our trip is now 22 days away and it's really time to start planning for packing and changing money, buying travellers cheques, buying gifts for friends and family out there, getting pictures printed for them too...all these little jobs that cause so many errands and running around....
courtney will be competing in 5 competitions throughout Scotland so we've been doing lots of extra practising and soon be starting extra workshop lessons with her dance teacher starting in a week....
now you know why i've been escaping to the cabin as much as possible NOW!!!
well, i better be off...got some baking to do for our little family get-together thursday night, a 'scottish shin-dig' before we leave!! courtney will be dancing for them all as well!! lookin' forward to a fun family night!!!


Tara said...

Okay those pictures are hilarious! I cannot wait to see what you do with them! Courtney's face is priceless! HAHA!

Careful with that tube - we tried pulling a tube on a jet ski once and the rope got caught in the motor and we had to be rescued from the middle of the lake!

I am excited for Thursday night and am so excited for you guys and your amazing trip coming up! And a little jealous... okay, alot jealous. Need a chaperone?? HAHAHA!

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Well HMPH to you MICHEAL!!!!!! Very , yes so VERY upset that you did not think of us wanting to see kim on the jetski! And oh what a blast you could have had taking them.. I know you just wanted more pics of you on it for us ladies to see!!! Glad your happy with it. And its great the kids are at the perfect age to enjoy it.Cant wait to see Courtney dancing tomorrow, and some of Grandmas awesome cookies (yum yum). And hello, chaperone. I get first dibs Tara, so back off girl you dont want to mess with me (LOL).You may be the first usually on this blog but I can beat you to the airport. If I have to use my airmiles I will. LOL See you tomorrow Kim Nikki

Kim said...

nikki, you kill me!
and yes...i am looking forward to grandma's shortbread cookies tomorrow night too!!!

Anonymous said...

Best thing for money in Europe is NOT travellers cheques- hard to cash now....go to CAA office and get a visa cash card- works like a credit card but you have to put cash on to it to spend. it is also reloadable.

Charlote just went to Europe and that metnoud is recommended.

Tara said...

Hahaha! Nikki you are funny!

I agree about the Travellers Cheques sister!

See y'all tonight!