Friday, July 18, 2008

home and gone...again!

happy 4th anniversary to my sweetie!!!
yesterday was our anniversary and the kids and i came home ( after SIX glorious days at the cabin ) in the afternoon to shower up, do some laundry, visit at grandmas and pack up again to go back to the cabin for the weekend!!
mike and i got to enjoy ourselves with a nice, quiet dinner alone ( THAT doesn't happen very often! hahahaha! ) to celebrate our special day and then we picked up the kids from mom's and came home.
( i love you honey! )
while we were driving to go out for dinner i managed to snap this sunset last night ( anniversary sunset too! ) while going over the Nairn Ave overpass...almost missed it as it set so fast!
last saturday, we had a fun visit from our friend dave who brought out the kids for a swim too ( Rachel, Carson and Kelly Belly )
the kids had fun going for dips in the lake and 'fishing' for minnows!
( courtney and rachel are experts with lots of practise from last year!! )

...the lovely little miss kelly...
( hi squirt! )

now the four of us are going back to the lake in a few hours to launch and play with our new toy!!
yep, mike bought us a Sea Doo jetski...this just made our summers at the cabin much more interesting! he bought it this week while i was at the cabin with the kids...we have been talking about getting one for a couple years now, BUT since dave went and bought one ( you evil tempter you...) mike finally couldn't resist anymore and, well, the rest as they say is history!!
so, i'm hoping to have some fun photos for you when we come home sunday night!!
( dave says that mike made him buy a Ski doo when mike got his last winter so this was payback with the purchase of the jetski! )
you boys and your toys....
i hope you all have been having a fun summer so far...i can't believe that it's already the middle of july!! time is just going so fast. too fast.
our trip to scotland is only 26 days away and all the extra dance lessons and things that HAVE to get done before we leave will come so quickly...i wanted to take the kids out to the lake as much as possible and enjoy before we go.
what have you been up to so far??
i hope enjoying you time with your children while school is out and making lots of memories!
( and scrapbooking!! )
...see ya in a couple days...


Tara said...

You lucky ducks! You are going to have so much fun playing with your new toy! Way to go Mike!

Have a great time this weekend and have lots of fun on your new Jetski!


Anonymous said...

Glad you and Mike had a nice evening, you guys deserved it. Sooo loved that sunset pic! You guys are going to love that jetski, I can't wait to see the pics that you take with it.And there better be a pic of you on it also.Have lots of fun at the lake ....Nikki

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim & Mike, A very happy anniversary. I could see right from the start that you two were right for each other--and I have a knack at seeing those things! Congratulations.
See you soon,
Lori (I am kid and husband free for a week! And loving every second of it!)