Wednesday, March 5, 2008

8 days?'s time to catch up!
we had our family come for cake and coffee in the evening last week for tyler's birthday. man, i still can't believe he's 6 years old already...MY BABY!!! everyone still bugs mike and i on occasion to have one more....YA RIGHT!! we are still planning on having a 'kid's party' for tyler and a few of his school pals and our friends and their kids, like we always do for the's just trying to get a date with no dancing events lately and his visitations that are hard to plan around!! soon though!

( yep, that's our little monkey!! )

...we got courtney's dance exam results last night from a week and a half ago...she got 'highly commended' on all her tests...the highest mark! ( i'm pretty sure that all her dance pals got the same marks! they're all so good! ) good work courtney!
AND....( mom's braggin' rights again....) courtney was chosen as 'swimmer of the month' by her swim coach last month! he gave her this new shiny silver manta swim cap and a sweet little write up in the manta newsletter!! so proud of her! i think only parents can relate to the earned need to share their kids' accomplishments with people....especially when they work so hard at their activities, they should be proud!!
Coach Peter says " we're number one" to courtney!!!'s my project i made at class last friday with Thelma as my guest teacher! i love how it turned out! i used pictures i took of my grandparents in Feb.2000, but they still look the same and their love is never outdated!! now i just have to decide when i want to give this to them??? maybe at easter?

...yesterday afternoon i finally sat down and stamped cute lil' envelopes to mail off receipts for the Gimli Getaway, Gone Scrappin event!! for those of you who met the date of the early bird registration you will find a $5 coupon to use in the store at the event as a little gift from me! everyone will receive an update letter for all the activities that will be going on there as well!
a quick brief update for those of you who may still be thinking of attending...
( april 4,5,6, 2008 Misty Lake Lodge, Gimli, Manitoba $85 plus hotel )
* welcome goodie bags
* TWO free classes with all basic supplies provided for you
* morning snack-muffins, danishes, pastries, coffee and tea as a treat from me!
* lots of door prizes
* optional contests with prizes to enter
* on site store, coupons in goodie bags, SALES!
* garage sale table
* trading post table
* INSPIRATION CORNER ( guests bringing projects to share and show off! )
* indoor heated olympic size swimming pool / hot tub
* Lodge has fully licensed lounge and restaraunt with daily meal specials for our group!
* 'downtown' is 5 mins drive from lodge if you want a break
* NO STAIRS to climb...all at ground level, crop room is locked up each night so no toting stuff back to your rooms if you don't want to
...please email me if you are interested in more information for this event or receiving a registration form. registration deadline is MARCH 21, 2008 so don't miss this opportunity for a fun filled weekend to start off your Spring!!!
...i still have some room for this friday's hall crop so please let me know if you can attend!! as you know, the march kits have been delayed a few days but i JUST ( doorbell rang while blogging ) received part of my U.S order with the rest of the kit supplies so hopefully i will be posting pictures later today of the complete kit!! UPS driver only had 1 of the 3 boxes but assured me another driver in the area has the other 2....hhhmmmmmm.....postal workers....
check back later and cross your fingers for me!
...just so you know, you Gimli Getaway Gals....those U.S boxes i am waiting for ALSO has tons of new stock that i am reserving to stock up the store for our event!!!

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Tara said...

This is going to be so fun, I can't wait!

Looks like Tyler had a great Birthday!

I gave Grams her receipt and told her to put it in her Tote right away so she didn't forget it!