Thursday, March 13, 2008

he did it!

...tyler passed his "Crocodile" swimming lessons last night!!
he was soooo excited to see his sticker in his report card and was all smiles the rest of the day!
now he's moving on up to Swim Kids 2...good for you little man!


...i've been so busy here getting all the goodie bag items for the Gimli Getaway, Gone Scrappin event in April ready, and organizing all the class supplies, preparing and planning for contests and prizes....i can hardly believe it will be here in 19 SLEEPS!!!

...if you are still thinking of attending, the cut off date for registrations is MARCH 21 so you still have a little more time to decide!
( for more info )

courtney is competing this saturday afternoon so we have also been busy with lessons and practicing as she will be doing 7 dances this time...and two of them she has not done at competition yet...yikes!

our scotland trip is coming up fast on us...i can't believe how quickly that is coming too...where do all the hours in the day go? time is just too fast.

speaking of time...i better get back to work here!
have a great day everyone!!

it is Thelma's 50th Birthday today!! stop by her blog here
and wish her a good one!!!
( heeheehee )


Tara said...

Way to go Tyler! Congrats!

Can't wait Kimmy! And for all out there who are waffling - COME ON! Its going to be such a FUN time!

lori said...

yea tyler
way to go

goodluck for saturday courtney

Kim said...

thank you lori!!!