Sunday, March 16, 2008

it's really happening...

...still can't believe that the four of us AND my mom are all going to Scotland this summer!!
seeing these passport photos we just had done is making it all become very real! we are a little slow in sending off our passport info, kinda in the 5 month squeeze time, but i'm sure it'll all be fine! i HATE these photos though...i know they are regulation and all, but when i think of photos i think of happy smiling people, having fun, caught in the moments of time....not mug shots!LOL!!! tyler had the giggles and took a little longer to catch, i guess he feels the same as i do about photos! it looks like we should all be holding police I.D numbers under our chins!

...courtney's dance competition yesterday went well! she tried her best and she won 4 new medals! she even placed in one of her new dances she did for the first time too!! the girls finished with their Jig dance so here they are in their jig dresses!!!

good dancing girls!! us moms are all so proud of you!! keep it up!

scrapbooking world is crazier than ever...trying to keep on top of things and staying organized is causing lost sleep at night, but it's all fun at the same time!
i am having another 'sketches' class monday night ( tomorrow ) and still have a few spots left if anyone is interested...and this friday night is the Pizza Box Album class and still have a few spots for that one as well! if you need more info on class descriptions, etc...just email me!
Gimli Getaway, Gone Scrappin is in 2 and a half weeks!! still room for registration but the cut off date is March please get yourself registered ASAP as you won't want to miss out on a awesome getaway weekend full of scrappin', contests, sales, time with your friends and relaxation!!!
...i am off to courtney's Scottish Tea for the afternoon...she will get her awards today from all her dance exams she did in February! have a happy sunday afternoon everyone!


Dana L Gordon said...

I would love to see an example of the sketches class you are doing so I can come to the next one you do all pumped about it, also wondering what the pizza box will look like????

Tara LeClaire said...

DANA, the sketches class is AWESOME - I was so happy with my layouts after the last one - you must come tonight! Plus, as a bonus, you will get to see my smiling face! Hahaha! Just kidding!

Way to go Courtney!

Can't wait for tonight Kim, see ya at 6:30!

Love Tara

Dana L Gordon said...

TARA, I would love to see your smiling gorgeous face tonight but I can't make it tonight. My daughter has to be at the Victoria Inn by 4:45 for a banquet for her youth group and I am the driver and she won't be done until after 6:30. I will have to come to the next Sketches class Kim holds.