Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter Monday!

so...this lousy cold of mine knocked me on my butt this past week for 3 days in bed, NOT KIDDING. i am still not quite 100% yet but i am so glad that it happened now and not while at the Gimli Getaway weekend in 11 MORE SLEEPS! ( yaahh... :O) )
we went to mike's parents yesterday out in woodmore for an easter visit and yummy dinner! it was so beautiful outside so the kids wanted to play and explore around the yard and get some fresh air! i got mike to pull over off the highway coming home around 7:45pm because this
Easter Sunday Sunset was just so pretty and warm and promising... thanks honey for stopping!

on saturday we went to my mom's for easter dinner too! another yummy dinner much appreciated! ( after not eating much for about 5 days, my appetite was back and it was all soooo good! ) so special thanks to our mom's for cooking our families such wonderful easter dinners!
we always play a bunch of fun games at family holiday gatherings and here's a few fun shots at moms...

grandma and grandpa are definately the heart of my family. our holidays always have extra special touches with them there! the 'games and prizes' was born by my grandma, who of course got it from her mother...and so the story goes!

courtney and tyler each had some 'alone time' with their grandma and nana last week to prepare the easter eggs at moms! i am so grateful for that because i was sooooo sick last week that i just could not motivate myself to get our house egg coloring, no decorations, and the easter baskets for the 'easter bunny' did not go out until 8pm easter was very hard to swallow my pride and not do what i always enjoy to do with them...thank goodness for grandma's, ya know??

...our easter eggs are not only for decorative eating...
every year we have an egg rolling contest and the winners from each race has to race the other winners, until there is only one winner...get it?
the catch can only use your NOSE to roll it!!!
anyway, to our surprise, my almost 87 year old grandma was not to be left out this year! she raced with courtney! she didn't get much further than past the starting line, but she had fun and gave us all a good chuckle too! what a good sport! almost always comes down to these two boys to take the 'marble egg trophy'...
mike has this technique of getting halfway and then using his nose to 'slapshot' the egg accross the finish line! works every time! better luck next year brother curtis!

...and a quick catch up from last week...
courtney had her third 'black and purple' swim meet last week and her team was very close though! good swimming courtney!

...last sunday was courtney's scottish tea where she received her awards from her dance exams she did in february. the girls always to a performance for the families and this time courntey participated in her first 6 dancer broadsword! ( actually, it was the first time for them all! )
it was done very nicely and most enjoyable to watch!
here's some of the fancy footwork..

...AND...i'm almost ready to show you the Gimli class projects...
since i was sick i fell behind on my 'to do' list so i feel totally under pressure now to get things done! but that's okay...i think i am more productive when i 'm under pressure!
i am expecting two more HUGE shipments of goodies to stock up the store yet by the end of this week...and all the welcome bags are almost finished being stuffed! the contest prizes are all ready to go and the small details are all being really, aside from finishing the class project samples and packing everything up, i'm almost ready! oh, and i'm sooo excited too because i had some aprons made up to wear at the getaway...i picked them up yesterday and now they just need the printing done on them!!!
our house looks like the scrapbooking fairy had a MONDO HUGE party in it, but that's all good...
here's just a little sneak peek under construction...
...i hope you all had a blessed easter with your families...


Tara said...

I'm so glad you're better!

Sounds like you had a great Easter weekend Kim! That's hilarious about the Egg racing!

Way to go Courtney!

Can't wait for Gimli Kim, it's going to be fabulous! Thanks for all the hard work you're putting in to make this an extra special weekend for all of us!


Kim said...

tara...and everyone else attending gimli...YOU R SO WELCOME!!
it's been so much fun planning everything!

Dana L Gordon said...

I am so excited about next weekend I can't wait until next years ;-)

asyouwish.... said...

You have music now!!! :) YEAH!!! :)
Beautiful sun set, makes me feel warm, since the sun hasn't been out much lately! :(

Sounds like Easter was fun for you. I went to my mom and dad's for the usual delicious meal!!! I love deviled (sp?) eggs, yum-o.

That pic with the bunny ears is too cute. Glad you're feeling better Kim.


asyouwish.... said...

Hey Kim,
You can still do the earth's tomorrow not tonight! :P


Anonymous said...

Awesome Courtney!!!!! HOPPY HAPPY that your Easter was Fab, I luv the music soo Cool. I knew Mike would win again this year ! I think the pics are great ,wish I was there to see it. Nikki

Andrea said...

You brought tears to my eyes with memories of Easters past. I can't wait to introduce Grandma's games and prizes to our boys.

Glad you are feeling better.