Tuesday, June 26, 2007

week 3...

today was another adventurous day!
tyler and i had the sweet company of our neighbor's son jordan for a few hours this afternoon...he's 3 and FULL of energy!! and a sweet little guy that just turns you to putty in his hands too!
after lunch and the return of courtney to school, we took jordan on our weekly visit to see 'tyler's geese' at the park!! he was very excited to go and see them (although i don't really think he knew what he was about to see!)

today is the first day of week 3 with our photo journaling and we had many surprises today...
first of all, we found a new darling family of 5 newer little goslings!! haven't seen them yet and judging by our facts and books we have been reading about, these little guys are only about 4 or 5 weeks old! the parents of these little ones were WAY more protective and aggressive over them. it's almost kinda funny how we as people tend to act the same way...when our babes are so small, so new and completely defenseless, we hover and guard them too. and within a couple years ( or in the goose's case a few weeks ) we're like 'sure mom, you can have 'em for a sleepover...get 'em out of my hair!'
kinda funny.
anyway, here's a close up of a very proud and protective gander of a daddy!

...i LOVE this little fuzzball...isn't it the sweetest little thing???

...mom and dad were very close at all times...although they themselves came to us for some food, but they wouldn't let the little ones come for food themselves...

...hard to believe all their sweet little 'peeps' right now will be taken over within a few short months by the majestic HONK known of our Canada goose!!!

...and then another surprise was coming across the family of 11 babes we've been taking note of!!! since our pictures just last week, most of them have really plumped out, grown their black and white tail feathers and some now have even started changing and growing into that beautiful long black neck and white cheeks!!! if you look closely at some of the bigger goslings, you will see it there!!!

tyler and jordan having fun feeding the geese!

see ya guys next week...

...and after all that excitement at the park, we went home and picked up courtney from school and went for our first 'dip in the pool' of the summer!!! water wasn't too bad but the air was a little chilly. i'm pooped right out now at 10:23pm after a long, fun and busy day with the kids.
...must get sleep soon...

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