Friday, June 22, 2007

my exciting news


that's right...i bought myself a digital camera after months of 'looking around' and finally decided on a Canon S3 IS...6.mega pixels and 12X optical also has an image stabilizer in it too!
i hope this little toy will bring me pictures i will be happy with. i have been avoiding digital for the simple reson that ( sorry if i offend any digital lovers out there ) but the fact that the printed photos always looked so 'fake' to me. the outline of main subjects was always so defined that the pictures almost had this 3D effect look to them. i LOVE and will always be passionate about the finished product of an SLR camera. nothing beats a true shot image with no 'photo shop' or other fancy alterations. it is taken for what is truly there, no lying, no cropping, no changes.
given the fact that you can always scan in the finished product of an SLR photo and play with it on any photo shop program, which is absolutely fine, i just didn't feel a need to go digital...yet.
i was checking out several Nikon ( my camera choice of all choices ) digital SLR's as well, but they defeated the purpose of wanting to buy something smaller than the 2 SLR's i already have. i wanted soomething compact to take to family events and other activities. it was a real pain lugging around my big camera bags to things so i definately wanted to downsize for personal events and save my SLR's for mostly photography jobs.
so, there you have it. i haven't quite got all the functions figured out on this new toy just yet...there seems to be so much to remember that i can do with it...but i am going to post for you again in a few minutes with some shots i took with it over the last couple days...
and i can show pic's of products much sooner for my scrapbooking classes as more 'cell phone shots' hahahahahaha!!!!


Tara LeClaire said...

Yay! More daily updates! That way I won't check your blog everyday and be sad because it is not updated. Hahahaha, JUST KIDDING!
Very nice, you will have to show me tonight!
See you in four hours sister

Elizabeth Zoppa said...

Congratulations Kim,

I am so excited for you! You made a great choice in cameras and I know you will enjoy all the features it has.