Friday, June 22, 2007

gonna be blog crazy now!


ok, so bear with me while i learn how to transfer my pictures from my new camera into my didn't show this one 'sideways' and now i can't rotate it in here...sorry! {GIGGLE}

these pictures are from wednesday night...courtney had her first 'black and purple' swim meet she attended at the Pan Am Pool! obviously she was on the purple team! i was surprised to see at least 150 Manta swim kids there...all different ages to about 17 years old or so. quite an interesting event, and VERY different from her highland dance competitions, i found this whole thing really unorganized, but at the end of the racing, all went well and courtney had lots of fun.! her team ( of half the kids there ) finished 2nd with 114 points and the black team won with 140 points. ( i don't know how they accumulate point value yet) but they swam 6 races altogether! each swimmer had to swim a 25m lap in each race with a total of 150m swam in total per swimmer. and of course they had to swim each race a different style.
it was very different and lots of fun. we finished with a huge BBQ outside afterwards ( but courtney and i checked out the diving that was going on first. HOLY COW. pretty intense. i was thinking of letting tyler try out diving as he got older, but i don't know if i want him to do looks so technical and dangerous. you could probably really hurt yourself if you don't know what you're doing...i tip my hat to those young divers we saw, most cool!

ANYHOW, here a a few shots of court's first swim meet!!!

... a little nervous for her first lap...

...1st lap, freestyle, 25m...


Tara LeClaire said...

Way to go Courtney!

Elizabeth Zoppa said...

Love the action shot of Courtney!
Kim, I know a mom whose daughters swam competively for many years. I'm sure she would answer any questions you might have about the sport. (You can email me)