Sunday, June 24, 2007

sad little news...

our little dwarf hamster, SQUIRT, died today.
the kids got him from santa just this past christmas, so he wasn't very old, but i guess you just never know about these little critters how long they will last.
courtney and tyler loved this little guy. he was very docile and friendly and they loved to play with him. they would come home from school or wherever they were and go see him right away, asking if they could take him out and give him some treats...
i often found myself taking him out of his cage and having a wee visit with him when the kids weren't home too! he really was a cute little thing and very playful.
i discovered him this morning lying kinda slumped over near his little nest, but not in it. so i knew something was wrong. i had a visit with him late last night when i came home from doing a wedding (photography) and he seemed normal, so i was very surprised and disheartened with my discovery this morning. i took him out of his cage and wrapped him in a soft tea towel and informed courtney of the news. he hadn't passed yet, he was still hanging on so i offered her to hold him in his little 'blankie' and say her goodbyes to him. i held him in there on my chest for about 2 hours until he finally passed away. it was such a sad and helpless feeling to only offer the little guy cotact comfort as there was nothing i could do for him but wait. i don't think that taking him to the animal emergency clinic would have helped him but just prolong the end result.
now, i'm sure lots of you are thinking...'it's only a hamster'...but he was our little family pet and the kids LOVED that furry little guy!
i am sad that he died too and i will also miss him....
this is the 4th hamster in about 4 years, why do i keep getting them?
i have lost a few dogs in my time too, so i know that the loss of a dog is WAY more devestating than a hamster, so i don't want to put my kids through that one...if they want a dog ( which they beg for often ) i tell them they can have as many dogs as they want when they're older and have their own house!!! WINK!

( this is courtney with him on christmas day ) other news...

the wedding i did yesterday went great, minus about a million mosquitoes and i would say it went perfect! hahahaha!!!
this was the first time i had a groom and his groomsmen in KILTS!! and they also had a piper at the church and reception..very cool and entertaining for me! i'm sure some people had bagpipe headaches afterwards, but i loved it! also a first for me was the surprise of doing some 'rooftop' photos at the reception! it was at Bergmann's on Lombard on the 6th floor ( quite the lightning show in the evening too...) and we were able to go up on the rooftop for some shots. the groom used to be a chef there so he had some connections...i LOVE connections! i have many myself...the should really be called blessings!!!
and friday night's class was the tin luch box/card album...that also went great! everyone seemed to have a fun time! i still have to finish mine up, inside, but here' s a few pic's of some of them from the class!!!


(lora leighs's)


(and dana's)

i guess that's about it for my news over this weekend, so far...
i have yet to tell tyler tonight when he comes home about Squirt...not going to be a fun bedtime tonight! i was supposed to work tonight, but decided to stay home with the kids as i know when it's bedtime and the tears are coming ( not that they haven't been already ) that MOMMY will be wanted!!!


Tara LeClaire said...

Sorry to hear about the Hampster Kim, it's always hard when a family pet passes away. It's nice you had a final few hours with him.

I had a wonderful time on Friday and Haley loved her new "Lunch Box"! I can't wait to make another one, is there somewhere I can buy those or do you have more kicking around?

Hope you had a great weekend!


Kim said...

i can definately order more in! i was planning on that anyway as there's lots of ideas to make with that tin!

Tara LeClaire said...

Okay well let me know when they come in because I'd like to do a "My Favorite Recipes" one for my kitchen.


Elizabeth Zoppa said...

Hi Kim,

Sorry to hear about your hamster. I've been through this with my own boys as well.
Hope to see some of your wedding photos online.


Original Inspirations said...

I remember the last pet we lost - it's hard for everyone! I hope the kids can treasure the wonderful memories and knowing that the little fellow was not well and that it's okay now. BTW, our last pet that passed was a turtle - not so traumatic for me (other than having to bury it), but my son was devastated. A little cross still sits under the rose bush in my garden in the back yard - marking where the turtle rests! T

.freckled.nest. said...

i'm in sniffles about Squirt. Sorry to hear that you guys (and him) had to go thru that... hugs to your family! Love Leigh-Ann

AsYouWishGreetings said...

:( sorry to hear about your little squirt, it's always hard to loose a four legged family member.

i LOVE those lunch boxes! I haven't been "plugged" in lately and totally missed the class! Are you going to have another one soon? I haven't been on your blog for awhile, busy girl! I haven't blogged myself, just been busy. Congrats on going digital, it's fun hey!? :)

Talk to you soon,

p.s. - still WAITING on that salad recipe!!!!!

Debb said...

Sorry to hear about squirt. We got our little hamster for christmas too so I know how your kids might be feeling. mine would be so sad. hugs for everyone!!