Wednesday, June 20, 2007

and so the goose goes on...

let me show you the outcome of a great monday night class!!!
the ladies came to make a 6 x 6 summer journal project using the new
BIND IT ALL machine and we had lots of fun! they tried out using acrylic paints on the inside covers of their journals and then painted die cut chipboard flowers ( courtesy of allison from the Scrapyard...thanks again!)...and then they attached their painted pretties on a transparency cover for their journal! they were given co-ordinating patterned papers and cardstock and some new scalloped bazzill cardstock as well to use throughout their project.
here's more pictures for you of our little canada goose project tyler is working on at home with me! these were taken last tuesday (june 12), the day after we took my grandparents...we found a huge flock on the other side of the park EAGER and READY to nibble on our yummy little bread crumbs for pictures!!!

...little photographer in the making...

...despite all that protective silly hissing, the ganders were really quite curious and didn't feel threatened by us at all..i was practically hand feeding them.

this one of his webbed feet ( a good shot for tyler to see how they work ) was NOT taken
on a zoom lens!!! i could almost reach out and touch it if it weren't for the fact that i was holding a camera in one hand and bread in the other to keep him close enough for this shot!

...and then yesterday, a week later, i decided when i picked up courtney for lunch i was going to take her to the park again for a picnic lunch hour (or so..heehee) to check on 'tyler's geese'.
after much driving and walking around, we finally found them all together by the golf course, naturally! they were being scooted off by a golfer and we just followed them down to the lake pulled out our bread crumb bag...and like flies to poop, they were surrounding courtney and i in just a few minutes! this time we sat in the grass gradually throwing the crumbs closer and closer to us to watch the behaviour of the parents if the goslings came a bit too close. and of course all this time i was getting some great shots of them too! they just make me soooo happy inside..they are so darn cute and their little honking squeaking noises are just so sweet!
anyway, the ganders did their usual hissing at us here and there if their babes came to close but they didn't bat at eye at us when they approached a near by crumb for themselves.
although it was hard to leave their wild family(ies) it was time to get courtney back to school...
she was quite thrilled with her exciting lunch hour (or so) and told me 'this was the coolest thing ever mom' i didn't feel so bad for stealing her away from gym class a little longer than i should have....{GIGGLE}

and who WOULDN'T want to spend their lunch break with this???
...i have something to tell you...
...i have something to show you...'s very exciting...
but you're gonna have to wait til tomorrow!!!!


.freckled.nest. said...

LOL!!! Love your contest entry!! Check it out.. i posted it.
So funny! Thanks for digging it out!!!

Original Inspirations said...

Ha Kim! I just finished posting on my blog (4 postings) and one was about geese. Then, I have to go to bed - but no, I'm going to look at Kim's blog first. And what do I see - more geese! Too funny. Great pics, by the way. Thelma

Tara LeClaire said...

Oh yay!!! I didn't see this until this morning which means this "exciting" thing is today, woohoo!

Can't wait for class tomorrow, Grams and I are ecstatic as usual!


ps: what a cute story about the geese!