Tuesday, April 17, 2007

refreshed and recharged!!!

here i am 'settin up shop' at the Scrapaganza!!! i was so excited to bring my store there...as you can all see, my store is getting bigger all the time!! yaaaa!
and what would i ever do without my mike? he's so good, too good, to me. he helped load up both our vehicles with stock and fixtures and hauled it all out there with me and then hung around another 4 hours with me to help me set up my store the night before the function!
i'd be lost without him...thank you soooo much honey for all your support and no complaining!!! heehee

if you put both pictures side by side, left to right, that's what it looked like all set up!!! lots of goodies huh? i have no idea how i pack it all away in my house....

come 'n git it ladies...

heeheehee...i caught my mom shopping in allison's brads and eyelets....

here's a little peak at my goodie bags...i had a little snap close separated storage case in each bag, and a zip bag full of PINK embellishments...a strawberry cream chocolate truffle wrapped up so nice that i had my friend Charleen make for me, some fibers and business cards...allison gave the mega goodie bags when you registered!! i just gave these cuties out at my classes!!

caren and charlette at the end of the night....
good times!!!

and here's poor allison...AKA 'Gimpy'
she fell and broke her leg skiing in montana during spring break, on their first day there...about 2 hours into the skiing....
but, everyone who wanted to had a chance at a new project...
well, it was a great day with lots of fantastic homemade meals and snacks, lots of creativity in the room, and lots of real good feedback from everyone! i for sure had a great time with everyone, i made some great sales and also made some new customers/friends!!!
this was a great event with lots of wonderful new exposure for The Scrappin Studio...
i am looking forward to doing it all again and more in November 2007...stay tuned for more info to come!!!
thanks to everyone who showed their support by coming out and playing with us!!!
thanks to my mom for always encouraging and supporting me in every thing i do. you are the best mom in the world!!!
thanks to my mikey for all your love and support you give me. i am grateful for you love and so blessed to have you as my husband!!
and to allison for inviting me to share her big day with me!!! it means a lot to me and i am so glad we have crossed paths and have an opportunity to be friends!!! you're the best!!
see you all soon!!!


becky said...

i'm dying all that HS product you have...so jealous! i bet you just love working with that stuff. looks like it was a success!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that this was a success for you. Way to go!!!!! Sounds like you had a great time.
See you Friday

.freckled.nest. said...

;) i tagged you...(check out my blog for the info)