Monday, April 30, 2007

it's finally here!!! let's see who checks my blog...

for those of you ( and you know who you are ) who have been
(and probably forgotten...)
theHeidi Swapp printed roller date stamp
has finally been delivered!!!
can you believe i have been ordering this thing since december?
anyway...i have 10 left in total so get 'em while you can 'cuz who
knows how long they will last?
and let's just see now who really does check my blog...
( am i being a meanie posting 'dibs' here? moi ha ha...)

( sorry the pic isn't very good, but you know what it is!!! )


Anonymous said...

Okay Kim, I'm the first to leave a comment.... Please save me one....... I can come get it anytime..

.freckled.nest. said...

i'll have the other nine. lol. kidding. i have one and they are AWESOME!! Hey Kim, you got comment #2 out of tiffany, EVER! lol! Her weaknesses are Heidi Swapp and SAN-JAI-AHHH! SING IT TIFF< Remember the song!!

Kim said...

i know...tiff is a comment stalker, leaving not a word for my enjoyment....hahahahaha, kidding tiff!!!
how many groupies were you able to get together for DD LA???
have a fun time, wish i could have gone too....

.freckled.nest. said...

Shayla and Thelma and Thelma's daughter Samantha. And we sat in front of AmandaRoss and her friend. It was a FUN,LOUD & Frisky theater!
I want to go again tonight!!

AsYouWishGreetings said...

one for me too please!!!!!!

BTW Miss Kim - I have yet to receive that recipe!!!!!!! I'm waiting!!!!!!


p.s. dirty dancing was SO FUN!!!!!

Kim said...

oh ya....thanks for reminding me about the recipe...i thought someone said they wanted it...i need to start carrying around a hand held recorder...or string on my finger...HAHAHAHA!!!