Wednesday, January 24, 2007


this is courtney and tyler.
the warm fuzzy feelings in my heart!

and these pic's are from christmas morning after discovering that Santa had brought them a new baby hamster!! he's a dwarf hamster from the Caribbean! (no, not a pirate dwarf...)
the kids named him Squirt and he's the cutest little furball...he's very docile and the kids enjoy playing with him (tyler likes to chase him around when he's in his little red exercise ball) i'm soooooo glad Santa brought this little guy because they have finally stopped bugging us for a puppy....for now! i just thought i'd share these pic's with you because Squirt is a daily part of our family now...however long that will be!!!

i will be taking a pic of the altered valentine chocolate box filled with scrappin goodies for my next hall crop (feb 16 6pm-midnite) when i come home from work tonight...i'll post a peak of it tomorrow for you!
...OR....maybe i might keep it for myself....(grin:o)...)
well, off to work...for how much longer???

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Hudsonsmom1 said...

The kids look soooo happy to have theur new little addition to the Griffin household. Cute to see.
We had our hamster for over 3 years so who knows maybe you'll be as lucky
Take care