Friday, January 19, 2007

Look at me in the world of BLOGGING

well. i did it. i've created a blog. here i will be writing my thoughts, sharing my family adventures and of course, sharing my scrapbooking world with my friends and family and now my new "web pals" i collect on my way! i am hoping to share many ideas, layouts and fun projects for my business, the scrappin studio, while expressing myself at the same time.. this is my first post and i am trying it out now to see if it works...wish me luck. if you get to read this, then i guess i did and all!

gotta go make supper for my hungry family...looks like tyler's lucky day, rice-a-roni on the side!!!



.freckled.nest. said...

Hi Kim!!
I think i'm your first comment!
YAY BLOG! I'll visit regularly! If you need any help, let me know. :)

"T" said...

Congrats Kim,

I will have to check yours when I check out Leigh-ann's and Amanda's
Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

This is my absolute first time EVER leaving a message on a blog. I fancy myself computer literate but I just haven't entered the world of blogging yet before today. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I wasn't able to make it. (Date night is important! After all my wonderful husband built me my very own scrapbooking space. I'd send a picture but I still haven't figured out how to do that:) I hope to make it to your second anniversary crop. In the mean time I am anxiously awaiting your February calendar. I have been thoroughly enjoying learning all about altered scrapbooking. P.S. Hi Tyler:)

Debb said...

Yah! great to see you blogging. Congratulations on one year!!

AsYouWishGreetings said...

Hi Kim!!!
Congratulations on your one year anniversary with Scrappin' Studios. Sorry I couldn't make it out for your anniversary, I had to get my parents at the airport for 3 in the morning....but by the sounds of it - it was a lot of fun. Congrats again!


Hudsonsmom1 said...

Congratulations on the blog... very exciting I look forward to visiting often. You have come along way with your business and I am so happy for you.