Wednesday, April 14, 2010

just a couple little things...

on monday, mike bought me a dozen beautiful PINK roses ( the other half are in our bedroom )!
i love the smell of fresh flowers in the house and they just brighten up the room...
thank you honey for spoiling me, again...

...and also on monday afternoon, a quick "easter rabbit" was trying to secretly leave a treat on the doorstep for the kids, but didn't quite get away unoticed...heeheehee!

... i seriously, without a doubt, have THE BEST husband, family and circle of sweet, loving friends anyone could ask for.
my life is truly blessed!!


Anonymous said...

You deserve those roses for a job well done! Plus I am certain that Mike missed having much of your attention all weekend!
congratulations on such a successful weekend again Kim.
Lori N--(not the easter bunny Lori, I am sad to say!)

xoxo... t said...

Way to go Mike! I'm sure a few brownie points were earned with those roses! And awww, yay Lori! Shall I give you my address so you can be MY secret Easter Bunny??? HAHAHA!


lori said...

awwwwwww so busted
sure tara ya never know the bunny may make it out there one day
roses are beautiful kim

Anonymous said...

I so love pink roses... you are a true friend to all you meet Kim!!!
Love ya always Nikki