Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter wishes!

Happy Easter everyone!!
I hope you have found some special time over the weekend to be with your
families and enjoy each others company... Easter began thursday night with this beautiful sunset right outside the window. the orange and pink skylight caught my eye out our front window, and when i looked out the window and down the street towards the sunset, this was what i saw! Magnificent!

good friday the four of us went out to mike's parents for an early supper...they were 'horse sitting' in their pasture ( owners was too wet right now ) and courtney and i went out to visit them for a bit...

...we kept saying how much TAYLOR would have LOOOOOVVVEEDDD to be there with us!!

...and just a sidenote here...
mike's mom went for her first tattoo a couple weeks ago and here's her final result!
it was a long awaited for gift to herself and it sure looks great!!
...all the kids seemed to be in the same mindframe with bringing their Nintendo DS's to Gramma's and Papa's house to kill some time.
man, when i had to kill time waiting for easter dinner at my grandparents when i was a kid, we used to race each other down their carpeted stairs on our stomachs and butts, getting major carpet burns all the way down!!!
but we kept on doing it anyway!
...tyler and cousin jordan...

...liz got us a dairy queen ice cream cake for dessert...

...hugs from Gramma...
thank you liz for a delicious easter dinner....for all the goodies for the kids and for a
special family visit!!!

...yesterday we went to my Grandparents apartment for a family dinner.
my grandma was out on a "day pass" from the hospital to join us for our dinner!!!
and she was THRILLED to see that outside her living room windows, Grandma's geese had come back home!!! they came to the balcony to say hello and start their routine of daily feedings...
perhaps we'll see some new goslings again in May/June???

Grandma was sooooo happy to get out for the day and be with all the family, and we were all just as happy to be with her too...especaially grandpa!!

...thank you to my mom for treating us all to a lovely supper at the Village and for all the extra treats and goodies!!
...and this morning the kids had their traditional Easter egg hunt in the house in the morning and here are the spoiled little meatballs with all their goodies from EVERYONE!!! we are layin' low and stickin' around home.
i am cooking a chicken for supper for us and perhaps this afternoon we will all go
for a family bike / scooter / rollerblade ride!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Mike & families,
wow, you had a full weekend!
I am happy to see you enjoyed your days off and to see the re-appearance of the geese family!
We had a quiet Easter being that no other family is in town but it was nice. My son finally sent me an email from his trip--my first email from him on this trip from Munich. wow. They grow up quick!
It was a nice day here too. Lookin forward to next weekend though!
Lori N.

xoxo... t said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all! Isn't Easter so much fun? I was so in the Easter spirit yesteray... glad to see the kids got tons of chocolate and time was spent with family... how exciting that it was spent with Grandpa!

Can't wait for this weekend!