Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New creations....AND a fun little contest!

***FIRST quickly***
courtney is feeling much better and well on the road to recovery after her 8 day ordeal
of Strep throat and H1N1.
Doctor at Childrens Hospital Emerg on friday put her on Tamaflu, a highly effective
prescription for bacterial influenza infections...and also off the amoxocillin and onto something stronger for her major case of strep. she was night and day within 24 hours...
just finished 5th day of it tonight and a couple more days yet for strep meds.
she has also FINALLY been referred to a ENT specialist about a possible tonsillectomy...
this will be a good thing, as like her mother was, she is prone to strep / tonsillitis 4-6 times /year!
...and i can't help but feel annoyed with certain people that the same concern and
efforts weren't made for courtney as other people lately diagnosed with the same.
but that's the way it always goes.
i am used to it by now.
anyway, enough about that...
i wanted to share some of my newest creations i've made over this weekend!
a few of them were the layouts i used to teach at my
Monday Night Sketches class last night,
so if your interest is peeked, you should come out to a sketches class soon!
( wink)

i have also been busy today with reorganzing the kids' scrapbook albums.
( always having to resort as I add more, dangit, I like things in order )
after pulling out and adding the stack of piling up layouts to the new pile to be sorted,
i decided to have a fun little contest...
( i got this idea a loooong time ago off someone else's blog too, good idea, huh? )
and you might win something fun and scrappy!!
( only one guess per person...and don't even TRY to count them by the photo tara leclaire! )
Deadline for guesses is midnite friday nov. 13... ( Wpg. time )
tell your friends!!!


Anonymous said...

SUPERB!! The slurpee is so cute,and makes me wish it were warm enough for one! I still cant believe that is courtney for Halloween! I am so pleased to hear Courtney is feeling much better. Man what a scare. Well I will end off with my guess of 43....Smoochies Nikki

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Love it!

Oooooh a contest! I will guess 60.

Soooo glad C is feeling better!!!!!

Love reading your blog everyday!



Anonymous said...

wow, that is alot of layouts!!!!
my guess is going to be 86!
Good to hear Courtney is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I need to get organized like that !!
Glad Courtney is on the road to recovery--my daughter suffers from the tonsil thing as well,she may need them out too.
My guess is 42 pages.

See you this weekend !

Tracey H.

lori said...

layouts are great love tylers first tournament
glad to hear courtneys doing bettermu guess is 45
take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I just love your photos.
They are wonderful.Its so cool so see both kids as babies and now as more grown up kids. I'm so glad that Courtney is better now. Wow, its been an ordeal for her and for all of you. Hope we don't get it.
my guess? How about 91?
Lori N.

it's me said...

Eight days is enough to be sick. Glad that you are on the road to recovery Courtney!! The layouts again look great. I finally got some done with the kids today. It was exciting!! My guess is 39 for your stack of layouts!! Have fun getting them into albums now!!


Andrea said...

That must have been so scary for you! I remember you telling me how lucky you were that your critters didn't have to go to or stay at Children's. So, Courtney was positively diagnosed with H1N1? I am so torn about the shot and this makes it tougher! I am so glad that Courtney is on the mend and hope that you and the rest of the family are holding up okay.


Andrea said...

Oops! Forgot to leave my guess...25!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
OMG poor courtney, what an ordeal for all of you.Those layouts are awesome as usual. please include my guess of 32 for layouts.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Well I'll take a shot and guess 36 layouts. Hope you have a good time at Lora Leigh's crop tonight. I am so glad my little Courtney is feeling better - keep it up girl. Love to all of you, Mom

Laura said...

32 is my huge guess. Ur poor daughter, glad to hear she is doing better. Have fun tonight. Laura.

Nicole's guess is 38. Ttyl. Nicole wirth

Original Inspirations said...

I see I missed this contest! But love that piece of paper sticking out with the pink roses!

But if I had to guess - 33.