Monday, November 16, 2009

well hello....

i'm sure those of you who played along with my little contest last week are
waiting to see who won!!!
well wait no more...
i was very surprised that some of you die hard scrappers guessed so low...don't you ever stack your layouts??? hahaha!!!!
the winner is....
tara leclaire with her guess of 60!!
( there was exactly 70 layouts in this pile!! )

here's your fun prize tara..i will give it to you at next crop or class!

thank you for playing everyone!!
well, this past weekend was Lora Leigh's friday night crop and all day crop on saturday, it went great and it was a lot of fun! thank you to all my loyal shoppers for your support
in my store...
saturday night was our good friends john's 40th birthday bash, waaaaayy too much fun there ( needed all day yesterday to recover! ) but such is life right?
we can sleep and rest when we're dead! ( wink )
not much esle to share today...still about 10 spots available for this coming
friday night hall crop at st. saviour's ( friday Nov. 20 )
so if you're looking for a night out with the me to register!
~ sigh~
4 MORE SLEEPS til lovely delicious edward...


Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

EEEEK!!!! I actually won???? Wow, thank you so much Kimmy!!!! You're the best!

Sounds like you had a great weekend, can't wait to hear all about it!

:) Thanks again soooo much!


Anonymous said...

So jelous I am.
Kept looking all week at the blog and did not even notice the contest, guess I was really sick.


lori said...

way to go tara yea
thurs night special 10 pm showing twlight
new moon cant wait

ps might be a private showing
ill keep u posted

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Wow, thanks for the info Lori! I wish I had seen this earlier though, I just bought tickets about an hour ago to the 10pm show at Grant Park on Friday - I absolutely cannot wait and am watching Twilight tonight or tomorrow night to prepare for it!
- Tara Cullen (A Team Edward fan who doesn't mind admitting that Jacob is pretty hot!)

p.s. thanks Dana!

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Congrats Tara!!! wow I must read a twilight Book and maybe see a movie of it ... Sounds so good!!...Nikki

P.s. glad you had fun at his party Kim,(or is that way to much fun)! I'm still tired....Nikki

it's me said...

Don't you just love those kinds of week-ends... the ones where you need a week-end to recover from the week-end!! Hope to see you one of these days!!


Anonymous said...

I just saw that Tara won your contest. Way to go Tara! Congrats.
Unfortunately, I was one of the low guessers - I do not stack my layouts as long as my daughter. teehee. Love Mom

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Hee hee, thanks everyone!

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