Thursday, July 23, 2009

Business...and pleasure!

...but business first!
~ first of all ~
AUGUST 7, 2009 is the next hall crop at st. saviour's ( 6pm - midnite ), so please email to register
or if you'd like more information regarding hall crops!!!
GREAT ESCAPE by Making Memories!
LOOOOOVVVEE the bright colors!

12 x 12 double sided patterned papers, foil, varnished and transparencies...

double pack rub ons, cork alpha stickers, mini stamp sets, blossom and button boxes and journal books...

...ALSO now available...
TRAVELER by My Little Yellow Bicycle!
so fun!
12 x 12 double sided patterned papers, die cut papers, varnished and TRAVEL WORD lace papers...

...embossed stickers, rubons, clear glitter stickers, brads and transparency shapes / diecuts!

FANCY PANTS Kraft Kuts papers!
Luuuuuuv it all!!
12 x 12 patterned kraft papers...

...die cut shape kraft papers...
AND kraft alpha stickers!!
soooooo cute!!!
( and more coming soon! )

...last week we were at the lake again for 5 days. we came home sunday night and have been home sice then, UNTIL tonight!
I am heading back out to the cabin for a few more days...
Mike and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary at the lake on friday with our friends joining us for a night too ( the malinowski's ). we had a great day, bbq'd steaks and I cooked up some garlic buttered shrimp too...and yes, by the end of the day...some of us had a little more "fun" than others in our celebration!!! ( we won't mention any names though...) teehee.
look at mike in this picture.
he is about to take courtney and carson for a tube ride with rachel spotting.
does this look like a face you would trust to give you a tube ride?
i recommend NOT taking up an offer from him...
here's just a few shots from over the weekend with the "toy" and lots of fun!


" sweet ride"??? HAVE to click on the next picture to see courtney's hilarious expression bigger!!!

...and miss kelly boppin' along...

...i've taken the last three days to catch up on laundry ( again ) and started trying to reorganize all MY scrapbooking stash. it has been piling up and piling up and getting "out of hand" messy, so I am 3 days into a huge purge and cleaning expedition and have to leave it unfinished until i come home again sunday night...grrr...i wanted to have it done. oh well.
Yesterday was my little bro's birthday.
curt and his fiance erith are staying at Bird's Hill campground right now so i took the kids out yesterday afternoon for a visit and the family was out last night for a bonfire weiner roast for dinner to celebrate!
Happy Birthday again Curty!!!
( YES...that's a DQ ice cream Blizzard cake - erith's parents brought it out! ) was another fun summer day! back again in a few...
i hope YOU'RE enjoying your summer too
keep those cameras rolling!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! I have missed seeing your pics! You guys do know how to live life to the fullest!! CONGRATULATIONS on FIVE HAPPY YEARS! You guys are a match made in heaven!
See you soon.
Lori N.

Anonymous said...

Hellllllllllllooooooooooooooo!!!!!!I can't believe it has been 5 YEARS!!! My how time does fly when your having so much fun fun fun!!!!Awesome pics of tubing and I would never trust a face like that to take tubing! Gutsy kid. Have some more fun out there!....Nikki

Tara said...

Congratulations to us both Kim. To you for 5 happy years of Marriage with Mike - and me, for having the MM Travel line available for purchase - HAHA!

I am so happy that you are enjoying every second of this summer - you deserve it! Gee, care to elaborate on that Friday night any more??? KIMMY????


Have a great time!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS Kim and Mike.
Glad you guys are all having fun. My camera is busy taking pics, just like you told us.
Miss all you ladies from scrapbooking and I can't wait until August to see you all.
I would not trust Mike taking me tubing, heck I don't even trust my own husband to take me tubing. The kids sure do look like they are having tons of fun. Keep enjoying.

Tara said...

P.S. I can't be at August Hall Crop, I'll be at WeFest but WHEN IS THE NEXT SKETCHES CLASS WOMAN????