Tuesday, July 14, 2009

fun times!

so, after packing up my store and cleaning up from my hall crop friday night,
my mom and i headed out to the cabin!
( mike and courtney were already there )
we arrived there at 2:15am!!!
( but it was nice to be there already in the morning instead of having to drive out then...)
anyway...we had a really nice weekend at the lake!
saturday the weather was cool and windy so we didn't get any swimming in,
but on sunday, we made it happen!
we were in the water and jetskiing the cool afternoon away!
we also had a bonfire with marshmallows for mom on saturday night too!

...we came home sunday night and had a good nights sleep...
and yesterday ( monday ) i took the kids with me and drove out to St. Malo Campground
for a day visit at our friends site!
Linda, Dave and the kids are there for a week, so we took advantage of a great day of weather and drove out to spend the day on the beach and swimming with them!
Lots of fun!!!

...the kids were asking dave to throw them in the water....
too funny to see all these kids flying through the air!!!

( courtney and BFF rachel )

...thanks for a fun, fun day malinowski family!!!
...this beauty was on our way home...
i am going back out to the cabin again either later tonight ( tuesday ) or tomorrow morning with the kids...depends on how fast i can repack and grocery shop!
be back soon...hope you're having fun too!


Tara said...

Look at you enjoying every bit of summer you can get your hands on! Bravo Kimmy! That's awesome!

Great pics and have a great time!!!



Anonymous said...

We had a real nice time at the hall crop on Friday night. Thanks for taking on that extra night for your loyal croppers!
Glad to see you are enjoying the summer. Hope the sun comes back really soon.
Lori N.