Thursday, April 16, 2009


i feel like a teenager again,
totally hooked
in the thrill and romance of
i saw the movie twice, and finally gave into the 'tara cullen fan club' pressures of
"you have GOT to read all the books"....
so the last two days have aquired a lot of my 'no kids around' attention while at school so i can get lost in the awesomeness of the first book.
i am totally and completely addicted now
( thank you tara! )
and knowing that i will most definitely finish reading the fist novel tonight, i ran out to the store and bought the other three remaining dreamy Edward sequels...
...funny that i haven't been this intruigued by a novel sequence since stephen kings 'the green mile' novel was released one book at a time over a period of 6 about cliffhanger! and of course the movie was also most superbly done as well...
just like twilight!!
yep, i'm infatuated and compelled with each turn of a new page...can't wait to complete the series and HURRY UP Nov. 20 for New Moon to come into theatres!!!

the future t.v. series 'tyler cullen'????

...these are mostly for tara...
UNLESS there's any other edward cullen lover wannabee's out there??
drool on edward lovers, drool on....



( okay...jaw ON FLOOR )
tara, you and i need to get these tshirts!!!!

like i said in the beginning of this post.
OCD, that's me today!!!


Tara Cullen said...

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha! Kim! This is the best Blog Posting EVER!!!! I am seriously laughing my head off right now!

Aaaaagh Edward!

I'm so glad you're enjoying the books! What a story!

- Tara Cullen

Anonymous said...

I want the books too.

Kim said...

Tara Cullen:

You make me laugh.

Mrs. Pitt

Tara said...


I am still drooling at the pics.

We must get those T-Shirts made. And then we'll buy Mike and Johnny ones that say, "Edward Cullen, making us look bad since 1918".

HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding! We wouldn't trade our honey's for anything!


- Tara Cullen

Kim said...

hahahaaha...tara, somehow i DON'T think mike and johnny would wear those tshirts willingly!
but you're right, edward does raise the bar for all men!
( hey if we get angelina jolie and pamela anderson to live up to, tough luck MEN! )

Mrs. Pitt

it's me said...

This book has been on my list to read for a little bit now. I guess I will have to move it to the top of priorities now!!


Anonymous said...

OK Kim, stop reading and come back to Bloggy world!!
See ya,

Anonymous said...

Okay it has been a week enough about Twilight and Edward.
Blog something new.


Anonymous said...

Okay, enough already.