Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter everyone!

( music on? )

...i hope you are all having a lovely little easter holiday with your families!
we had a terrific visit and super yummy dinner at mike's parents out in woodmore on friday!
thank you liz for feeding us soooo well and for all the goodies for the kids!
yesterday after our dinner at home, the kids and i had a 'color lab' going for our Easter Eggs to take to my moms today for dinner...
well, that's not ENTIRELY true...
since most of the eggs don't really get eaten...
if you recall from last year's easter holiday stories, our family has a traditional egg rolling race using only your NOSE to cross it over the finish line!
My grandparents started this 'fun' tradition when i was just a small kid and it is still going strong...with a marble egg and $5 as the annual prepetual trophy!! hahahaha....
anyway, here's our egg lab from last night...

...boil 2 dozen eggs...

...pick your colors ( and feel free to blend the dyes to make lots of other interesting colors such as 'boogers' like we made last night....)

...try to keep control of the egg dipping with the younger children or else you may end up with green fingers like me...

...use a white crayola crayon to draw names or designs on your eggs BEFORE dipping them into the dyed water...

...and finally, be very proud of your egg masterpieces!!!

...this morining was still exciting as ever for the kids to go tearing through the house looking for all kinds of easter candies, chocolates and their hidden easter baskets...

...and then finishing up the egg hunt with a little gift from mom and dad too!
Since they both love Build-A-Bear Workshp so much, they both got new outfits and accesories for their little stuffed buddies!!
...yep, easter morning today = two happy little kids!
AND....i just wanted to share this photo with you too...
on friday when we were out at mike's parents out in woodmore, we went for a visit with my FIL when he went to go feed his neighbors cows to go see this new little calf!

he was a week and a half old of friday and the mystery about this little guy is that when they got the heffer in the pasture ( yes, with a 'days are numbered' ticket!! ) it was noticed by my FIL that she was getting fatter than the others...AND SO since there was NO BULL in the pasture with them, it was my FIL's surprise when he discovered her giving birth in her little sheltered shed to this little guy!!
Immaculet Conception??? was just too cute a pic to not share with you!
...we are off to my moms in about half an hour for my family's easter dinner...and some egg racing! I hope you and your family have all had a happy easter with the remembrance of the true meaning of this blessed holiday!
Love Luv


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Kim and all the family! Your egg dyeing looks like fun.
Glad the Easter Bunny came in A-OK and wasn't trying to get down the river or anything.
glad to see spring is here with the new spring babies coming along. Thanks for sharing.
See you soon,

Tara said...

Hi Kim! Hope "everybunny had a Hoppy Easter"!!!

Looks like Courtney and Tyler had a great time decorating Easter Eggs!

I ate waaaaaaaay too much!

Looking forward to this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you all had a wonderful Easter.
Who won the race this year?
We had a good, quiet one. Me with a cold, Doug outside fixing his car and Cody outside playing in the puddles with his new rubber boots.


Anonymous said...

Ok really need to finish those books and get back to blogging so we can keep up with the comings and goings of the Griffin family! LOL just kidding...enjoy your slow time...summer will get very busy!