Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring observations with Tyler!, as i said yesterday, i took tyler out for a nice long spring afternoon walk to 'explore and observe' what spring changes bring us...
tyler was soooo cute walking around with his little clipboard and pencil offering all his suggestions and writing down ( with some spelling help ) his observation notes!!
here's just a sample of his discoveries...and OF COURSE his note paper and these photos i took will be scrapbooked into his school album!!
1) the snow is melting
2) the grass is growing

3) the flowers are coming up out of the ground

4) the geese are back

5) the trees are budding

6) the birds are all back and making nests

...and more...including the fact that it is also the start of SLURPEE season, so he talked me into getting one for him and courtney after school...little bum!
...this was a really fun way of spending some time with tyler and keeping him thinking and entertained...and getting some exercise at the same time!
such a sweet and silly little man!!
( dang, i love him to pieces! )

....oh, i must also share tyler's exciting news with you too...he has his VERY FIRST WIGGLY TOOTH! ( bottom front )

( smooch )


Tara said...

Kim, after reading this I have one simple observation (which isn't new, of course):

You are a fabulous Mother. I don't know anyone else that has taken the time to take their son with Clipboard in hand, to go observe the new signs of Spring, take pictures of the notes and then Scrapbook them.

You, quite simply, rock.

At least we know where you get it from, your equally fabulous Mother!

Kim said...

oh my...i'm blushing!
thank you for such sweet words tara!
i got the pic's printed today in wallet size to start his layouts for his book!
every friday at kindergarten, tyler has a 'letter of the day' time...this friday is "O" day so i thought it would be cute for him to bring in his Observation layouts to share with his teacher and class!
it really was fun!

lori said...

wow that sounded like a great time together its so nice to hear and see moms doing things with their children these days with such busy schedule thumbs up kim
u are teaching ur children valuable things great quality of time together ur mother definatly did great things
the first wiggly tooth is so exciting love ur blogs
have a great day

As You Wish... said...

I agree!! I can only hope that when I am finally blessed with a child that I am just a good a mom as you are Kim.
Love the spring pictures, I'm excited to get the yard cleaned up, and my flowers planted. Oh and get to the lake/beach for R&R!


Kim said... guys are sooo sweet!!
having kids is really such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Kim - I'm sure Tyler enjoyed his alone time with you. Sounds like you both had fun. Thanks Tara and Lori for your kind words. Mom