Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

...i think it is definately safe to say that spring is here to stay! the anticipation of the coming summer is excitedly brewing in the griffin home...
the bikes are out and 'tuned up', the yard is ready for 'summer-izing' ( HA ) and the sunscreen bottles await sunny days at the park and at the lake / cabin!!!
i have been MISSING the sweetness and juicy blessing of fresh, in season, yummy fruit all winter...
MMMmmmmm... stocked up plenty on my trip to the grocery store this morning. sooooo good!!
tyler and i are about to go out together while courtney is in school this afternoon to look for and photograph some 'signs of spring' for a fun, something to do outting!!


Tara said...

Actually, yes I do "got fruit". I picked up a healthy supply the other day at Sobey's!

Anonymous said...

me 2

lori said...

looks so good
think i will go buy some

hope ur feeling better